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Cloe´s Party at “Wee Little Irish Pub”

Irish PubI mentioned before that Cloe is now the new Chairperson for the Chamber of Commerce. You maybe did read it here: A new Chairperson for the Chamber of Commerce.

So I think because of that, yesterday she did invite us to her Party at the “Wee Little Irish Pub“. I think you can read in the Name it was an Irish Pub. We had much to talk and did listen Music. I thought the Music sounds pretty Irish so thats why I asked Cloe if this is “Irish Style Music” and she said yea you could call it so but the Moderator is subject to call it “Celtic Rock”. For me it was new but I did enjoy the Music and indeed the little Pubs atmosphere and all the friendly Guests. I had the chance to meet peoples I already know and some of Cloe´s Friends which I didnt know before.

She also told me that she has an Irish Band in Second Life and that the “Wee Little Irish Pub” is the Place where they hold Events sometimes. I was nosy and did join the Group to be informed about Events. I think I will arrive there again then and it could be that I someday write another Blogpost about it.

I also had the chance to take a “Lionheart Times” in front of the Pub. It is a Second Life Newspaper about things that happen on the Lionheart Estates. Pretty funny writen. You defenetly should take a look and read a little bit.

Ok I had again a nice day in Second Life. Sadly I was to early tired and had to leave the Party. But it was because its another timezone here in Germany. So for me it was latenight. However I was there for a while and I really did enjoy to meet them all. I think this is all I can write about it but at least I have some cool Pictures for you, take a look:

Irish Pub

Irish Pub

Lionheart Chamber of Commerce Election Results

Some days ago I wrote already about the Chamber of Commerce Election Weekend on the Lionheart Estates. The Chamber of Commerce Members and the Chairmen-Candidates came together. The Candidates introduced them self and the Members asked some Questions and got many Answers. You can read more about the Election Weekend here:

Miyo´s Blogpost about the Chamber of Commerce Election Weekend

Today the Lionheart Estates announced the Election Results. For the Roundup, 21 members have participated in the Elections and 3 votes were invalid (One vote per business only..). So this means there were 18 valid votes distributed as following:

- Sookie Slafford: 6 casting of Votes

- Clover Windlow: 12 casting of Votes

This means we have a new Chairperson for the Chamber of Commerce and for this reason many congratulations goes to Clover Windlow. But for sure thanks goes to both Candidates, all Members and the Lionheart Estates as well because of  this exciting Weekend we had.

You can find the original Announcement on the Lionheart Website:

Lionheart Chamber of Commerce Election Results

Emerald Blog announced Public Beta

The Emerald Team announced a Public Beta. You can find the Announcement and Links to the Emerald Beta Viewer here:

Public Beta! Public HG Repository

I visited the Estate Town Hall Meeting

Today I went to the Lionheart Town Hall Meeting. It was funny to see all the peoples from the Lionheart Estates again. We shared some Informations and News. It was very intresting. One of our Topics was that Linden Lab is working on Screennames. This means that we soon maybe can change the Name of our Avatar which appears to others Inworld. But this doesnt mean the Accountname itselfs. Just the Name which is over our all Head. We did discuss this. Many peoples worried about this News as some peoples and me too believe this could be abused by some Peoples. Griefers could immitade Names of others and Newbies could fall into this trap. Or if you did build a big Business in Second Life, someone could describe them as you, and this could result in further Problems. If it is possible to copy others Names, its sure that there is a Reason to worry about.

But this wasnt the only Topic we had. As always we had a nice round for Asnwers, Questions and Suggestions. I made the suggestion that the Estate should have an own Sandbox for Estate Members only. It could be a nice spot to meet each other or maybe working on shared Projects. We wouldn´t have Lag like in Open-Sandboxes and Peoples with smaller Parcels could work on bigger Objects and Projects. Indeed we wouldn´t have the Problem with Griefers as it would grands access only to Peoples who live on this Estate. I noticed that many Peoples liked the Idea. They came with additional thoughts on that. At least our Estate Manager said that this is a nice Idea but he need to think about it. I think it was about the realization. Indeed it cost many Prims and many Space so the realization would also cost him more Money. But I think my suggestion arrived and lets see maybe there is still a Chance in the Future.

We had way more Topics but I cant remind them all. It was again nice to meet the Estate Manager, the Lionheart Team and all my Neighboors. After all the formal Topics we went over to usual Chat. Talked about this and that. Had fun together and so. I like it. Great to meet them all.

You have a garden in SL? Place a romantic Pavilion!

Miyos Romantic Garden Pavilion Today I did build a new Product for Second Life. This is a romantic Pavilion which can be placed in a Garden or on a Wedding. Maybe it could be a good spot to meet and talk with friends. Or just for any other Event. I uploaded it already to the Second Life Marketplace:

Romantic Garden Pavilion (Boxed)

Hope you like it. Greetings :)

How and why did you and me start to build in SL?

Today I thought back and asked my self how and why I did start building in Second Life.

First of all I need to say that working with Grafics wasnt new for me. Some peoples in the family do so in with ther jobs but also as hobby. So when I was pretty young I touched a tool called Truespace if I remind right. My uncle did let me play with it for a while when I visited him. First I didnt understand anything but then when he did show me some stuff, i´ve been amazed and wanted to learn more. But anyhow it was not so great compared to tools we have today. So soon I found a software magazine in a Kiosk near my home. There was a Software on the frontpage called “Maxon Cinema 4d”. I also could read on the frontpage that this Software is on the Magazin-CD as something like a Demo or Freeware (With less Features then the Fullversion). I went back at home as I didnt have enough money in my wallet. Shocked I´ve noticed that I dont have more money at home too. My mother wasnt at home so I went to my grandpa.. “Grandpa? I have a question.. may I ask you if you borrow me some money? I did see a magazin in the Kiosk and I defenetly need it!”. My Grandpa said: “Cutie, you dont need to borrow anything.. if it is so importend for you.. take this money and get it!”. Well, I didnt like to ask him because ask for money makes me shy. But my Grandpa did understand and helped me out. So i´ve got this new Software then and checked it out. It was more complicated but I could understand it as there were some Tutorials in the Magazin and on the CD.

So this is how I started with 3d Applications.. I did try those stuff out already before on a Amiga System but I really was to young to understand it and I really cant remember the Name of the 3d Software from the Amiga.

However, after getting the Demo of Cinema 4d for PC.. I was pretty happy. Later I had a job and could afford to buy the original Version. Schock! I really didnt know that this hobby is so expansive.. If I remember right I had to pay a 4 month income of my job to buy it. If your second hobby is playing Guitar.. damn.. you sometimes wish you had choosen other Hobbys.

At least those creative hobbys are the best hobbys and even if you wasn´t the best student at school times.. later after school you get your education trough creativy hobbys. Internet came and I had the feeling of a big boost of education on my own. Its just as you had a hobby which forced you to read much. So if you ask me “Is a creative Hobby educate you?” I would answer pretty fast “Indeed, it does and it will! It is education!”. I just think so because in school I wasnt good in english. Im sure that I am still not good in english but at least I can read it and I can write some english even if its not perfect. But I didn´t learn it at school. I had to learn it as the most Turotials you need for your hobby are writen in english. With a translator I did master this complicated mission. Soon I noticed that I additionally did perceive a lot of vocabulary of a foreign language. Funny in consideration of the fact that I just wanted to learn something about a 3d Application. So yes those Hobbys are additionally Education in Math, foreign Language and so on..

As you see I did make a digression. But this is what I think about today.. So I feel philosophical today :P

So later I did realize that using a 3d Application is not all. Often you are in need of textures you cant find for free or you dont have the money for. So I came to Photoshop. I did read several Tutorials and did learn how to work with 2d stuff.

One day I started Second Life but not because the Fact that this is a Platform for Content Creation too. No, I did use it more for listening music, chatting, communication, dancing and all the funny stuff.

After browsing Torley´s Second Life Video Tutorials.. I found out that you can build in Second Life too. As I didnt know how to start.. I really didnt know where I could start to build and how I open the menu to build I was interested on that much more. Torley provided a lot of basic Videos. Lots of good Turorials you need to start.

I can remember the first Video which did bring me to Second Life Content Creation, and I found it on YouTube today. This was the first Movie I did see from Torley:

How to make a Flag that waves in the Wind. I did see this movie again and again. But I still didnt know where I can build. A friendly person told me that I have to search for a “Sandbox” inworld. He told me that there is everyone allowed to build. I found my first Sandbox and just started the Video again. I did recreate what Torley told me. It was much more simple then a 3d Application and soon I did start to create my own ideas in Second Life.

Today I really would advice every Person who still didnt build in Second Life because they think its complicated, to try it out. There are lots of friendly builders who are helpful. Many peoples did give me some good informations when I was beginner. There is also a lot of Text and Video Material about all this. So if you arent a Creator then try it. If you are a Creator, you maybe say that I am right if I say “It is not so complicated as it seems”.

At least I am not perfect with this Hobby. Neither with 3d Applications, 2d Applications or Second Life. The question is anyway not “How good we are?”. The question should be “Do we have fun?”. I can say..yes I have fun with all of it. And sometimes I lose the fun but then I still can take my Guitar or other Hobbys and refresh. At happened many times and I even came back to Second Life and started new Projects.

So as the Blogpost-Titel said “How and why did you and me start to build in SL?” , I am for sure interested in your Story too. Just post a comment here or do you maybe have a own Blogpost about your beginning of Second Life Content Creation? Just put the Link here and I defenetly will read it. Its interesting how other peoples came to all this!

So I hope I didnt bore you to much with my Story as I know noticed I did write pretty much. Hope it was anyway interesting for you. And just let me know if you have a cool Story about that Topic on your Blog too.. or just drop a Line here in the Commentfield.


Running a clean Emerald Viewer (beta) now!

I was bored of using any other Viewer for Second Life. I did miss several Features. I did decide to run the clean Emerald Viewer Beta Build now. So I am back to the Emerald Viewer now and I am happy! :D

For all peoples who still trust the Emerald Team. Check out this Thread in the Emerald-Forums:

Emerald’s Beta Viewer



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