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SIM Meeting

Yesterday we had a SIM meeting where the SIM Owner and the Parcel Owner´s did talk about stuff related to the SIM.

Well most of the topics was about parcel setting´s because some peoples didnt know how they can list the parcel under “search”.

For me it was a little bit bored.

We also talked about something like a “merchant society”.

But for this topic we will have another meeting on the next weekend.

Maybe i write it down here then.

Whats wrong?

Well today the Apez website is laggy again. Seems so that they have problems again…

Why is the website so often unavailable?

Its more then bad for me… I demand nice performance of a Vendor and Bank Website.

Should I think about moving to HippoVend? Im not sure.. but I give apez a Chance.

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.
Reason: Error reading from remote server

So I hope they fix that soon. Apez is the Webinterface which I use to manage my money and its my vendor system. I like the webinterface but with these problems its just bad.

But if i think about moving to HippoVend.. You can imagine i am to lazy for this because i would need to upload more then 69 products then again…

So let me wait til they fix the website.

Ok i update here the voting about the new Second Life Website

Do you like the new Website?

No! 68% [318 Users]

Yes! 19% [92 Users]

I dont know at the moment! 11% [53 users]

Total Users Votes: 463

I think this is a really clear result or?



Linden Lab Offically Announces Mesh Support in Second Life?

I just did read this here:

However, due to their limitations, sculpted prims are no final answer to that question I asked those years ago. As it turned out, as announced at this year at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, sculpted prims are merely a taste what’s to come, and polygon mesh support is soon to arrive.



This means that we maybe can use industrial standart tools like Lightwave, Cinema 4d, 3d Studio Max, Blender, Maya or whatever for content creation soon.

I hope this is true because i already use Cinema 4d for content creation.. but not for Second Life. There wasnt any way.. well import scripts for sculpys. But thats what i dont like.

So do we get real mesh import soon? What a great news!

I hope it comes true.

This will change Second Life very hard.

My Xstreet Traffic Statistics

I just thought i share my Xstreet Traffic Statistics here. This is the graphic since I started to sell on Xstreet. Sometimes its really crazy and i dont know why the traffic is increased or not. I really study it but I dont understand it. But its fun.. its good for some analysis. I even understand more how the marked is working.

The Day of the Forum Merger…

Current information to my Vote “Do you like the new Website?” on the Shopping Forums…

Do you like the new Website?

No! 67% [144 Users]

Yes! 21% [45 Users]

I dont know at the moment! 11% [24 users]

Total Users Votes: 213

Now we did recive a statement from Pink Linden:

Hi all,

Seeing a lot of responses and thoughts about the new design. I want to mention a few things.

1. Wow, that fluorescent green in the forums rolled out a lot differently than we expected after seeing it on staging and in our designs. Our eyes are burning too, and we’re going to adjust that hex value.
2. We agree that we need to adjust the contrast between texts and backgrounds on XStreetSL more to improve readability.
3. We’re on it. ASAP.

Ok. That said….

This is an interim step on the road to a larger redesign that will further improve shopper experience and usability.

We’re growing fast, and sometimes our choices make that painfully obvious. Embarassed But we’re on the road to improvement. Also, importantly, this reskin did not interfere with the development of key functionality you’ve been asking for on XStreet SL.

Thank you for staying in there, and for your feedback. Hey, when you’re right, you’re right.

Now, how’s business? Do you see more shoppers? Are they buying more?


Pink Linden and the Commerce Team.



Do you like the new Second Life and Xstreet Website?

I did create a voting how peoples think about the ne Website and most of the peoples dont like it.

At the moment we have a clear result:

Do you like the new Website?

No! 67% [74 Users]

Yes! 22% [24 Users]

I dont know at the moment! 10% [11 Users]

Ok here is the Link to the voting:

Voting about the new Website

The new Design and Bugs…

I think they need to work on the new Second Life Website design. A lot of peoples did notice many bugs. So let us hope that they fix all these Website bugs.

Maybe i should wait with my opinion about the new Design.

Xstreet new Website design is Live!

Ok i just logged into Xstreet and i see the new Design is Live.

So let me check out the new Design now.

First impression is good but I need to see more.

AdBoards for Rent

Ok we still have some AdBoards for rent in our Mall.

They are close to the Entrance and are for 70L$/week.

So be sure to rent them fast.

AdBoards 70L$/week in Miyo Darcy`s Mall.. Click here to take a taxi!