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Allround Building…

Today i wanna introduce you in one of my Structures i have made…

I guess you can call it Allround-Building. And I will tell you why.

First of all you see on the first Picture the Mainfloor. The Mainfloor has much Room so you can use it like a Mainshop or Mainstore. You also have 3 little Shops which you can rent for Tenants.

Ok lets go up the the second Floor.
This is much Room you could use as Club.
The ground is a dancefloor with rotating texture animation with a little trancparency. This is freaky because the party peoples can see down to the Mainfloor and the peoples from the Mainfloor can see whats up in the Club.
It is just modern designs you could like it.

Ok but lets see the Building from outside.
Here you can see the complete Building.

You have differend blue windows. I think its a little bit scifi style. But im not sure about that. Maybe you have better ideas which style it is. Ok the package is Modify and Copy Permission.

Each floor is 30m x 30m. Much space to do anything and you can put this house on a 512sqm parcel.

Ok but lets write down some details here:

– 2 Floors
– Each Floor 30 meter x 30 meter (good for 512sqm parcel)
– 83 Prims
– 3 little shops for rent in the mainfloor
– very nice low prim staircase
– Club and Mall
– Texture animated Dancefloor
– Modern Design
– Prim optimized (for this huge building not much prims)

Or see this preview movie:

Preview Movie

Or check SL Marketplace out for some more details:

SL Marketplace


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