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DJ´s and Clubowner watch…

Today i wanna indroduce you in one of my latest club products. This is the first product I show you here and it is my favorite own object.

It is a DJ and producer, club and home entertainment professional DJ booth with tons of hardware and build-in animation. This DJ system includes all what a club or DJ needs. This is hight quality DJ gear for your Second Life. I did spend a lot of time and love for this product. I did need a system for my own club so i did decide to build and not to buy. And here we go… Now i tell you about the finished product on my blog. Ok lets go…

Here are some Details about this beautiful Club and Home Entertainment Product:


– The permissions are modify and copy

Product content:

– The stage for the artist
– Animation for the dj and producer included
– A desk (table for all the dj and producer hardware components)
– 2 animated triple sub woofer speaker (This means you get 3 loud speaker on the left site and 3 loud speaker on the right site. This is a total of 6 animated power subwoofer)
– 2 Turntables (with rotating vinyl records)
– 3 different mixer equilizier and synthesizer
– 1 drum mashines
– 1 midi keyboard (64 touch sensitiv keys)
– 2 Music Notebooks with 2 different Ableton Live Screens (Display)

This together is a very big and professional bunch of hightec instruments and furniture for your club, disco or home! This is a DJ Gear Set full of components. You will love it.

Ok but there are more details which are importend to know. For example if we talk about metric details. And thats what we will do now.

Metric Product Details:

Product length = X = 1.500
Product width = Y = 6.000
Product high = Z = round about 2.800

This is a very good size for a dj booth. And it is a good size for every music club and home.

You get a mod/copy version of this product collection. This means you can make several backups in your inventory.
But you shouldnt change the object size otherwise you could destroy the adjustment of the dj animation!

About primitives:

This collection all in all has 44 Prims. This is not much for such a big and complex product or?


This product has definitely some hightlights.

-Dj animation
-High quality textures
-The textures of the speakers are animated
-Scripted and rotating turntables
-Very modern design

Those points was very importend when i did design the product because this is what I expect of a DJ booth.

User Manual

If you buy, you will receive a Collection BOX.
You just need to rez and unpack it to your inventory. Now rez again.

Place it where you like now. Adjust it sweet to your club floor or wherever you like.

DJ´s just need to right click the whole object and choose “sit”. Now the DJ will be animated and the party can start.

My Worksteps

The produce did take some time and love.
I spend a lot of time with grafic software like Photoshop for the design and re-design of textures.
But first i did spend some time to create a layout with pen and paper.
After this work step i thought about a good metric layout. I also had to script and animate the loudspeaker textures.
Now i had some good work elements and i was able to start and design the 3d objects inworld. I also had to implement the
turntable rotation script.
After finishing, some friends was amazed about the first prototype product.
But i still did need en animation. So i started to use a 3d software for the keyframing. There was some trials until i was happy
with the cycle of the animation. Now i just had to implement a script and adjusting the animation.
My last worksteps was to decide about the hardware and furniture composition. And i started some object and texture option fine tuning (Shininess, Glow, Color, Brighness and more).

Days are elapsed because i dont wanted to build fast. I was intended to build a product wich i would use too. I wanted a perfect one.

Now i did notice a finish release product and i was satisfied but also depleted about all the hard work. But this was fun.

I dont want to deprive you this amazing handmade product.
I did try to create and build a realistic looking set for you and your partys. I hope i was successful and its your flavor.
So this is for sale now and i hope it can be en enrichment for your club coz its full of efort and love.

So where to buy and to try?

You can find the product on Xstreet, slapt.me, and Inworld:

– Inworld URL

– Xstreet

– Slapt.me

Last Words

I hope you was able to gain insight about my work steps, character and i also hope that you got enough details about my product and me as a designer, creator and seller.

If not…

Just feel free to contact me.


2 responses

  1. rony

    I like the post which includes the measures and user manual for the DJ’s specification working capabilities.From the concern information,I come to know the basic information regarding the Dj animation
    & High quality textures.

    dj equipment

    April 13, 2010 at 6:47 am

  2. Hey sorry for my late reply. I was a bit inactive in SL.

    IM happy that you like this posts. I just thought it would be great if i tell peoples about the process when I did build this objects.

    I did use qavimator to create the animation. 🙂

    April 26, 2010 at 3:49 am

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