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The Day of the Forum Merger…

Current information to my Vote “Do you like the new Website?” on the Shopping Forums…

Do you like the new Website?

No! 67% [144 Users]

Yes! 21% [45 Users]

I dont know at the moment! 11% [24 users]

Total Users Votes: 213

Now we did recive a statement from Pink Linden:

Hi all,

Seeing a lot of responses and thoughts about the new design. I want to mention a few things.

1. Wow, that fluorescent green in the forums rolled out a lot differently than we expected after seeing it on staging and in our designs. Our eyes are burning too, and we’re going to adjust that hex value.
2. We agree that we need to adjust the contrast between texts and backgrounds on XStreetSL more to improve readability.
3. We’re on it. ASAP.

Ok. That said….

This is an interim step on the road to a larger redesign that will further improve shopper experience and usability.

We’re growing fast, and sometimes our choices make that painfully obvious. Embarassed But we’re on the road to improvement. Also, importantly, this reskin did not interfere with the development of key functionality you’ve been asking for on XStreet SL.

Thank you for staying in there, and for your feedback. Hey, when you’re right, you’re right.

Now, how’s business? Do you see more shoppers? Are they buying more?


Pink Linden and the Commerce Team.



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