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Linden Lab Offically Announces Mesh Support in Second Life?

I just did read this here:

However, due to their limitations, sculpted prims are no final answer to that question I asked those years ago. As it turned out, as announced at this year at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, sculpted prims are merely a taste what’s to come, and polygon mesh support is soon to arrive.



This means that we maybe can use industrial standart tools like Lightwave, Cinema 4d, 3d Studio Max, Blender, Maya or whatever for content creation soon.

I hope this is true because i already use Cinema 4d for content creation.. but not for Second Life. There wasnt any way.. well import scripts for sculpys. But thats what i dont like.

So do we get real mesh import soon? What a great news!

I hope it comes true.

This will change Second Life very hard.


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