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Lord Sullivan presents "The slapt.me SL Directory"…

Today arrived a very good new addition to the Marketplace slapt.me!

did announce the news here on the slapt forum:

New addition coming to slapt

Ok but I also quote the announcment here:

We are proud to announce our new addition to the slapt.me line. The slapt.me SL directory.

It can be found here http://www.slapt.me/links/ and is split into 2 main sections.

One section is for websites, where you can put your RL websites or blogs and the other section is for your in-world locations where you can put your SLurl’s for your clubs and or business etc. Each section is split into different areas and if we are missing any catergories just let us know and we will add them for you.

There is a seperate sign up needed as we did not want to integrate it into the main market place sign up for security reasons and that we did not want to force people to sign up to slapt.me just to display their sites and locations. Please note that our privacy policy is in force here and we will not use the email address you use for anything other than notifying you when you make changes etc. to your listing, which is done automatically. slapt.me will NEVER spam you for any reason whatsoever, nor will your email address be sold, lent out or used in any other manner.

There is also a section to write articles about sites and places you have visited in-world and a Hit counter with a top ranking sites list in each catergory. Each day there will be one site picked automatically and randomly by the system and displayed on the first page of the directory.

When you submit a link you will be able to fill in the META tags (Keywords) and description for the link to be found in the search engine the directory runs. Please be sure to use just the keyword (META Tag) section and DO NOT SPAM the description with keywords or we will edit the link before posting it.

This is all free and we do not even ask for any links back to us, though where possible that would be cool :) It is fully searchable and we hope that it will develop into a useful SL directory and resource for everybody to use. Please be sure to add your SLurl’s and SL related website links and please tell your friends :)

Thanks for the continuing support as we add new features for you :)

I really hope that much peoples will use this directory. Because i see so much potential. Not only to the directory.. but also the the whole slapt.me thing. So here I list again all importend Links:

Slapt.me Market Place
Slapt.me Forum
Slapt.me SL directory

I hope this will help you too. I just post this again because its a great alternative to SLX. Believe me.

Ok after some days SL brake i am back…

What is new? Well.. Linden Lab did close the SLX Forums. They didnt listen to the community which wanted that they dont close the forums.

But they did…

But on this point i want to tell you all there is an alternative called slapt.me:


This is nearly the same like Xstreet with one difference..

Slapt.me has a Forum. SLX not.

You also can see my Item Listings on Slapt.me:

My Items on slapt.me

This is aplace where they listening to us designers and merchants but also to the consumers.

I really suggest to use this Marked Place.