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Slapt.me Open Project "Slappy the Penguin"

Slappy is the fabulous animated slapt.me Mascot who will add a sense of fun and pleasure to your land.

Touch him and he’ll flap his wings and squawk random songs of joy each time.

Not only that, but he will tell whoever touches him all about slapt.me and give them landmarks together with some fabulous freebies!

In fact you can use Slappy to give away any information or anything you choose including your own freebies simply by dropping them into his contents.

Whenever he’s touched for the first time he’ll deliver all his contents in a neat folder.

He know’s if he’s been touched before by an avatar so then when touched he will just squawk with joy and flap his wings.

How fabulous is that!?

Slappy the penguin was designed and produced on the slapt.me forum by the content creators:

Deckheard Cleanslate
Grandma Bates
Taylor Lubezki

See how Slappy the penguin was created in an Open Project on the slapt.me Forum here:

Slappy Open Project

Or get the cool Mascot for free here:

Slappy the Penguin


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