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First translation accumulation finished…

Yesterday i did meet a person who own a Second Life Business. He did read in a forum that i offer english to german translations because i can read english very well and i am native german.

After the price negotiation i got the job. And i started…

It was a long text but i was able to finish the translation into german language. My first accumulation but it was so much fun and i was a little bit proud about my self because the end result was very well.

So i dont want to hold this back… especially because his products seem very interesting and i guess his products will be famous gridwide soon. Its seems professional and thats what you need to know! 🙂

I did translate his Hermes Mp3 Publisher Product.

Please read about this product.

Here is the english product listing:

Hermes Second Life Mp3 Burner

And here the german product listing:

Hermes Second Life Mp3 Brenner

You realy cant imagine what you can do with this product!

This is a very great tool for second life artists but also for second life record labels.

You really can burn your own SLCD´s and publish them wherever you like on the grid!

So check that out and read all his details. This could be interesting for some of you.

About the translation:

If you are also interested in english to german translations, feel free to contact me, Miyo Darcy for further details. And we can talk about your content. I do this on basis of negotiation.

Miyo Darcy


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