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Today is Columbus Day

I did find out that today is columbus day. So i thought it would be great if i also start to travel and maybe to find new land! But i did this in Second Life. And What did I find? I did find an empty little island! Isnt this cool? I thought it would be cool if i relax there the rest of my day.. you may think i am bored today. And your right I am. So im sorry for my little bored story. But I had the feeling to tell you anything. Hey and here is a screenshot of me on the little island. I did close my eyes because this is the way how I relax. Ok but now true.. Who wouldn´t like to be on a island for some days? This must be more then great and i wish i could spend my holidays with my family some day on a island. I think all could need that. Sun, sound of the ocean, sound of the birds, sand on our foots… and.. Oh i started with the topic of the columbus day but now i dream about holidays? Haha yes I said I am bored. What about you? Would you like to find a lonely place? A new place? A quit place? A Place withoout all the city noises? For some weeks? That would be great or? I would like to know what did Christopher Columbus feel when he and his crew did discover new land. It was an adventure for sure!

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