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Grand opening of the slapt.me Sim announced

Today I checked the slapt.me Forum out and I did read this news here announced by :

Grand opening of the slapt.me Sim in SecondLife Saturday October 17th.

12:00PM SLT till 1:00PM SLT – An awesome Live performance of the Phoenix Embers Showcats (7 hot showgirls), which you must see.
1:00PM SLT till 3:00PM SLT – After party with DJ Qudex

So make sure you are part of the Grand Sim opening of http://www.slapt.me, your virtual shopping experience for Second Life!


I really suggest to visit the virtual shopping experience Website of Second Life.. slapt.me is doin much more for shopping peoples, merchants and designers then Linden Labs do with Xstreet.. they take care about the slapt.me community i feel this everyday. Well its still growing.. but you need to give it a try.

I see there is defenetly much potential for the future.. this community and shopping place grows every day.

Some minutes ago i did visit the new SIM and the slapt.me headquater. Its a nice place in desert oasis style. You can join the weekly raffle there and win 1000L$ if you have an slapt.me account. So visit the new slapt.me SIM here: New Slapt.me SIM or take a look at the cool shopping website: Slapt.me

I am also merchant and designer there. Please visit also the forums there because we are a funny community over there. I have much fun with these peoples. And thats what I like  🙂


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