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Why I dislike Midnight Mania today…

Long time ago my first impression of the whole Midnight Mania thingy was very great…

For me it was a chance to show peoples my products. Peoples got the chance to get differend products for free.

When Midnight Mania gots popular and i started to use these Boards too, i was able to get good and bad feedback about my products. I did like that because i learn directly from feedback.. this is one way to get better.

But how does it looks today?

Well in my opinion the Midnight Mania Community changed a lot. Peoples are not even able to say “Hello” if i greet them.. they arent even able to say “Thank You” if they did win anything..

I guess 80 % of these peoples who visit my shop because of the Midnight Mania Board are very barefaced.

Sometimes a little “Hello” or “Thank You” would be great… but I only notice 20% of peoples are so kind.

At the moment i think about removing my Midnight Mania Board because i dislike it if peoples grab free stuff but dont leave any comment or word if they arrive or leave.

My opinion changed.. let me think about this a while.


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