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Complicated peoples…

Since my land did expand and i did build a second mainstore which i will rent for peoples there.. i had already some visitors who was first interested.

But what do SL business peoples think today? That I do all work for them?

Someone joined my parcel and was unhappy because i dont have high traffic on my land.

Well dont lets talk about high traffic.. we all know what this means.. there are still peoples outside who think high traffic would make better sales then natural traffic.

My business is grown because of Landmarks, Notecards, Group Advertice, Website Advertice, Forum activity, Mouth to Mouth Advertice, Midnigh Mania, Lucky Chair, Events and much more.

I often have less then 2k Traffic but I still sell.. I still sell so much that I can own more then 2000 sqm parcel with nearly 1000 prims. So why I should care about the words “high” and “traffic”?

But enough about this…

When peoples arrived to get informations about the second mainstore which is empty right now.. they said.. “Oh bad traffic”. But why? I mean they rent a Mainstore.. do they think i will do her business? I dont want to sell ther products.. I just offer empty space as Mainstore for someone.. so they need to do own business.

I have my own Mainstore near the empty one… and I sell there because i advertice my SL company much.

Some peoples are complicated.. they think they could rezz them Products in my second Mainstore (the empty one) and never come back but sell.. if they use this method they defenetly wont sell any Product.. this is for sure. Nevermind where they rent.

If I rent a little 30 or 50 prim shop for my products.. i see if the location have some traffic as well… (But I wouldnt search for 30 k high traffic areas). But if i rent a mainstore.. it would be necessary that i do something for it, that peoples come in and buy my products… i wouldnt ask the land manager to do my work.

I hope that some day peoples understand that “traffic” is just a number which is calculated by Avatars on Land per Time. But it isnt an indicator that give you better sales… exspecialy not if we think about bot areas.

So in my opinion traffic isnt necessary. My landmark, notecard and more is much more powerful then this number.. because I still sell with a traffic less then 2k.

Im also shocked that the rezz&go mentality has arrived in the mainstore section too… or I didnt notice that all the month because i just started to rent land for other peoples.

Well who knows.. more essential is that i know how to do my own business.. and thats running already.

Greetings at all  🙂

2 responses

  1. people that blame “bad” traffic for their lack of sl success are using that as an excuse for the crappy stuff they sell. if you sell good stuff, people will find you

    November 2, 2009 at 12:02 am

  2. Yea this is defenetly the same way i think 🙂

    November 2, 2009 at 12:59 am

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