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Miyo Darcy is now on Twitter!

Yes i am on Twitter now too. I will give it a try.. and I really dont know why  😛

But ive heard about so much peoples who using it.. well now i am too.

Here is my Twitter Link:

Miyo Darcy on Twitter – Click me

I did also add an Twitter Updates gadged here on my blog.

Have fun all.

Tons of differend professional Tip Jars, Donation Objects and other Club Gear….

We had some changes in our second floor. We offer differend club gear and club equipment in our second floor.
We did add the best tip jars you can get in Second Life. I think everybody knows Alicia Stella´s Products.
Its defenetly highquality.. I use several of here products. So much options to setup.. just great. Well and thats why i started to offer her products in my mall too commission based.

I would be happy if you visit my place and give her products a try if you still dont know them. They are really the best tip jars you can get in Second Life.

Here is my Club Gear Store:


Why I dislike Midnight Mania today…

Long time ago my first impression of the whole Midnight Mania thingy was very great…

For me it was a chance to show peoples my products. Peoples got the chance to get differend products for free.

When Midnight Mania gots popular and i started to use these Boards too, i was able to get good and bad feedback about my products. I did like that because i learn directly from feedback.. this is one way to get better.

But how does it looks today?

Well in my opinion the Midnight Mania Community changed a lot. Peoples are not even able to say “Hello” if i greet them.. they arent even able to say “Thank You” if they did win anything..

I guess 80 % of these peoples who visit my shop because of the Midnight Mania Board are very barefaced.

Sometimes a little “Hello” or “Thank You” would be great… but I only notice 20% of peoples are so kind.

At the moment i think about removing my Midnight Mania Board because i dislike it if peoples grab free stuff but dont leave any comment or word if they arrive or leave.

My opinion changed.. let me think about this a while.

Philip Linden leaving Linden Labs…

Posted by Philip Linden on 15-Oct-2009 17:52:12:

… wherein Pip tells all of his new plans, there are some initial worries, but in the end everyone is ok.

I’m starting a new company, and wanted to let you know. It’s a big idea – something that actually depends on Second Life existing to get started, and that I have been thinking about almost as long as I’ve been thinking about Second Life. I don’t want to try to explain the idea here, because it is a decision I’ve just made and honestly I don’t think I can do a good job describing it yet. But I did want to tell the whole SL community, because I don’t want you to worry that anything is wrong:

I will still be chairman, as I have been since leaving the job as CEO. The change is that I’m not going to be working full-time at Linden Lab anymore (some of you might have thought I wasn’t still there, but actually I have been!). I’ll still be doing the same outbound and media type things as before – talking about Second Life, etc.

For the last year and a half since M started as CEO, we’ve been working very closely together. Much of my actual Linden work has been time spent with M. We have literally sat at the same pod, 5 feet away from each other, and have met multiple times a week. We’re now at a place where I feel really comfortable that Second Life and Linden Lab are OK without me being here day to day anymore. M (and others) have also managed to hire a bunch of diverse, smart, passionate people who I feel can very capably lead the company. Do I always agree with everything they are doing? Of course not! What founder would? It’s like when your teenagers leave home – of course you still worry and wish they would listen to you more! But at some point you believe that they are safe enough to live on their own. I believe that the mission of building the digital world is safe in the hands of the Lindens, which means that I can start working again at full intensity on this new project. It’s very exciting.

Also, I’ve got a new island in-world – it’s called ‘P Squared’. I’m thinking it can become a sort of extended space for my new work life. Please come and visit, and don’t be surprised if I give you something to do. And as for all of you – the people all over the world who have built Second Life – you all feel very near and dear to me, and I want you to be a part of this next adventure. I can’t say enough, or say thank you enough, about the experience that has been watching Second Life come to life. On a personal level, it has deeply changed me. I am a different and better person, in part through the experience of being in Second Life with all of you. So anyway… I’ll keep you posted, as I get things more sorted out.

Grand opening of the slapt.me Sim announced

Today I checked the slapt.me Forum out and I did read this news here announced by :

Grand opening of the slapt.me Sim in SecondLife Saturday October 17th.

12:00PM SLT till 1:00PM SLT – An awesome Live performance of the Phoenix Embers Showcats (7 hot showgirls), which you must see.
1:00PM SLT till 3:00PM SLT – After party with DJ Qudex

So make sure you are part of the Grand Sim opening of http://www.slapt.me, your virtual shopping experience for Second Life!


I really suggest to visit the virtual shopping experience Website of Second Life.. slapt.me is doin much more for shopping peoples, merchants and designers then Linden Labs do with Xstreet.. they take care about the slapt.me community i feel this everyday. Well its still growing.. but you need to give it a try.

I see there is defenetly much potential for the future.. this community and shopping place grows every day.

Some minutes ago i did visit the new SIM and the slapt.me headquater. Its a nice place in desert oasis style. You can join the weekly raffle there and win 1000L$ if you have an slapt.me account. So visit the new slapt.me SIM here: New Slapt.me SIM or take a look at the cool shopping website: Slapt.me

I am also merchant and designer there. Please visit also the forums there because we are a funny community over there. I have much fun with these peoples. And thats what I like  🙂

Translation Service Price Adjust

I did calculate a new price for my translation service english to german. I fill orders now for the multiplier 1,5L$ per word. I use following website tool to count the words:

Word Count Tool


50 Words translated from english to german = 75L$
100 Words translated from english to german = 150L$
250 Words translated from english to german = 375L$
500 Words translated from english to german = 750L$
1000 Words translated from english to german = 1500L$
1500 Words translated from english to german =  2250L$
2000 Words translated from english to german = 3000L$

All based on the  multiplier 1,5L$ multiplied by the amount of words in your text.


Miyo Darcy

Today is Columbus Day

I did find out that today is columbus day. So i thought it would be great if i also start to travel and maybe to find new land! But i did this in Second Life. And What did I find? I did find an empty little island! Isnt this cool? I thought it would be cool if i relax there the rest of my day.. you may think i am bored today. And your right I am. So im sorry for my little bored story. But I had the feeling to tell you anything. Hey and here is a screenshot of me on the little island. I did close my eyes because this is the way how I relax. Ok but now true.. Who wouldn´t like to be on a island for some days? This must be more then great and i wish i could spend my holidays with my family some day on a island. I think all could need that. Sun, sound of the ocean, sound of the birds, sand on our foots… and.. Oh i started with the topic of the columbus day but now i dream about holidays? Haha yes I said I am bored. What about you? Would you like to find a lonely place? A new place? A quit place? A Place withoout all the city noises? For some weeks? That would be great or? I would like to know what did Christopher Columbus feel when he and his crew did discover new land. It was an adventure for sure!

Sweet home, sweet home…

Beautyful Seaside Home for Rent with 375 Prims. You need a home?

Just contact me “Miyo Darcy” for further details and maybe you can rent a great home for you and your friends!

You will notice a very nice view. And there is much space for your Second Life.

3 Floors and they are very huge. And a great balcony where you can relax the evenings with all your friends. There is also a base on the water.. you can place chairs there and this is pretty fun. I dont know what you all can do in this home… Its just great and good looking. So remember to contact me Miyo Darcy if you need a nice home. I will see what we can do.

If you just want to visit this place.. here is the SURL

Taxi to the Seaside House

Greetings 🙂

Second translation finished..

Im just happy! I did finish another translation accumulation.

This is pretty fun you cant believe.

This time i did write the german text of the Hermes One Mp3 Player and Radio.

You can get informations about the product here:

Hermes One Mp3 Player and Radio Link

I think everyone need an Mp3 Player… yes in Second Life too!

First translation accumulation finished…

Yesterday i did meet a person who own a Second Life Business. He did read in a forum that i offer english to german translations because i can read english very well and i am native german.

After the price negotiation i got the job. And i started…

It was a long text but i was able to finish the translation into german language. My first accumulation but it was so much fun and i was a little bit proud about my self because the end result was very well.

So i dont want to hold this back… especially because his products seem very interesting and i guess his products will be famous gridwide soon. Its seems professional and thats what you need to know! 🙂

I did translate his Hermes Mp3 Publisher Product.

Please read about this product.

Here is the english product listing:

Hermes Second Life Mp3 Burner

And here the german product listing:

Hermes Second Life Mp3 Brenner

You realy cant imagine what you can do with this product!

This is a very great tool for second life artists but also for second life record labels.

You really can burn your own SLCD´s and publish them wherever you like on the grid!

So check that out and read all his details. This could be interesting for some of you.

About the translation:

If you are also interested in english to german translations, feel free to contact me, Miyo Darcy for further details. And we can talk about your content. I do this on basis of negotiation.

Miyo Darcy