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I enjoy travel in second life…

Yea i like travel in second life and if I find an island.. i am even happy then.


Well because i like the paradise look. It is something great and reminds me to holidays.

I found a great place in second life.. its a great island and i did shoot some pictures for you. So maybe you like this place and you could travel there to and relax.

Here are the pictures:

Relaxing on the beach with a nice waterview, palms and treehouse in the background.
It is so cool there.. you can see a lot of boats and ships there.. its just a paradise.
Here you can see one of these ships and nice blue green water.
There is also a bar.. I think they do partys there too because i did notice a dj booth and dance balls.

I did notice this must be a french community there.. it is realy a great place you should see:


Great new and free tip jar for you and your team.. start to collect donations..

Great new and free tip jar for you and your team.. start to collect donations..

You can get it here on xstreet:

Tipjar Donation Bowl ! Let peoples donate you, your team and the money bowl!

Greetings… Miyo Darcy

Shops for rent….

Ok how I said we got some empty shops now and we are looking for Tenants. You can rent a shop for 120L$/week in our Mall.

Here is the taxi:


You only can rent if I am online.. so feel free to contact me “Miyo Darcy”.

Great Products for your Club..

We have some very great products for your Second Life Club!

You can get following:

– Tip Jars
– DJ Both
– Dance Pole
and more..

Check that out:

Keep your eye´s open…

Maybe there will be some empty shops and a big store soon on my commercial land. We also have some AdBoards for your company there.

I will tell you when the shops are for rent.


Help MySQL to stay alive..

Oracle maybe will buy MySQL. This shouldn´t happen because the open source MySQL Database could die.. this could affect also the amateur webdesigner and peoples who use webspace for the privat homepage. So if Orcale buying MySQL.. Database could get commercial and wouldn´t stay for free (open source).

Im not that webdesigner.. but in my history i did use MySQL.. i know how importend it is that MySQL stays open source.. but my brother has more know how in webdesign and he told me that its more then importend that MySQL stay alive.

So he asked me to sign into a petition.. because we all should save MySQL.

Many of us did own a little or big homepage.. many of us still own a homepage.. or many of us want to own a homepage in the future.. how ever..

This could be a problem in the future if Orcale buys MySQL.

So please help and sign into this petition to help it stay open source:


Thank you