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Help MySQL to stay alive..

Oracle maybe will buy MySQL. This shouldn´t happen because the open source MySQL Database could die.. this could affect also the amateur webdesigner and peoples who use webspace for the privat homepage. So if Orcale buying MySQL.. Database could get commercial and wouldn´t stay for free (open source).

Im not that webdesigner.. but in my history i did use MySQL.. i know how importend it is that MySQL stays open source.. but my brother has more know how in webdesign and he told me that its more then importend that MySQL stay alive.

So he asked me to sign into a petition.. because we all should save MySQL.

Many of us did own a little or big homepage.. many of us still own a homepage.. or many of us want to own a homepage in the future.. how ever..

This could be a problem in the future if Orcale buys MySQL.

So please help and sign into this petition to help it stay open source:


Thank you

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