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Japanese Style in Second Life

Hi my friends. Today I want to tell you something about another voyage I had in Second Life.

All started with a conversation on Twitter. I did meet a friendly person there who told me, that he owns two sims in Second Life. We had really a nice talk.

But if somebody tell me about Second Life places, you all know I get easily snoopy! So this is why I did ask him for the place and where I can find that sim.

And then he did invite me to show his sim. My first impression was very good because I anyway like asian style structures and architecture. I dont know much about this architexture but anyway if I see those buildings I have to say “Wooow!”. Maybe just because I like this shapes of the architecture. Japanese culture for example is very impressive. Ok so when I arrived, the friendly sim owner did show me first a theater. You can see the structure here on the first both screenshots. So then we did talk there in a meditation pose. It was fun.

After this discussion I asked him if I can walk around and take some screenshots and write a blog post about this place. He said “No problem”. You know im addicted to find new places in Second Life and if I found a asian style sim, im more happy. After say “Goodbye” I did start my walk there. I did see many japanese buildings around and I will show you some screenshots of them now. Maybe you like this style too.

Here I found something like a castle. Great architecture and very creative. Sure you are able to go in there and I will tell you more about it on the next screenshots!
I went up to the highest level of this castle tower and there I found something..
You can use a telescope there. This was a funny idea!
Here is some other japanese style architecture. I think this looks pretty awesome.
But I found also a big and modern skyscraper there. Looks cool too or?
I´ve found some of these typical japanese food stations.. You can sit there and so. I think this here is my favorite screenshot. What do you think?
You can go into many buildings there and just sit, relax or meditate.
At least I did decide to sit for a while in a nice japanese enviroment and started to write on this blog post. All in all I would say this sim is impressive and also a visit worth. So nothing more to say..
If you are also interested in Second Life architecture.. You should take a look there. It would also be a trip worth with your friend. Tell them and relax a day on  a japanese sim.
Ok but you need to know where to go… so here are the details:
Sim Name: Kumamoto Japan
So just check that out and I hope you have fun there.

Poll: Viewer 2.0, Emerald Viewer or others?

I did create a Poll.

The question is what kind of Viewer do you use for Second Life? Viewer 2.0? Emerald Viewer? Or other Viewers?

It would be very appreciated if you join this Poll. You can join the Poll here:

What kind of Viewer do you use for Second Life?

Thank you 🙂

Buy a Club Skybox for SL

-DD- Club Skybox 30×30 with 47 Prim with modern design BOXED

Today i wanna introduce you in a skybox product which you could use as club but also as home or what you like.

Details about the Structure:

– 30 meter x 30 meter (great for a 1024sqm parcel/land)
– only 47 prims
– awesome and modern design
– mod/copy
– good for sky clubs

If you still have questions… ask Miyo Darcy for Details.

If you want to see the product just tell me.. i also could show you the product inworld!

So if you like this producs.. you can buy it here on xstreet:

Random Chat Announcer for SL

If you own a business in Second Life.. for example a club its great if you have the possibility to announce messages for your guests.

Tell them about your project. Tell them any news or what ever.

So I did need such an object for my Mall an then I decided to create an object which can handle those functions.
So this is why I would like to tell you something about this products. It is usefull.

Random chat announcer with configuration notecard for your Second Life Business or Project.

This product is a random chat announcer.
It can randomly say, whisper or shout custom text message in the chat.

You can configure the time value, the chat mode and custom messages via configuration card.

This sounds easy and it is! You get a very easy to understand instruction card too.


– User Manual
– Easy product settings via Configuration Notecard
– Configuration of Chat Mode (whisper, say, shout)
– easy configuration of the chat announce timer (countdown)
– easy config up to 9 custom chat slogans
– only 1 prim
– copy/modify (you can chance size, texture or whatever)
– Initializing and Status Message after every configuration


This product isnt thought as spamdevice!

Please be sure that you only use decent values, otherwise peoples could think you are spamming very hard!

For example a value of random chat announcements every minute is very much. Think about decent values. Values like every 5 or 10 minutes or more should be ok. So then it isnt annoying for other peoples.

Most sim owners dont like the shout chat mode. If so, be sure that you use whisper or say mode.

Please also be careful about your neighboors. If you use the shout mode, they will see your random chat too. It is better if you use whisper or say in your configcard!

Default value is Whisper but you can change that.

So if you would like to own this products too..

You can get it here on SL Marketplace:


Theater in Second Life

Sometimes it is just good to know that you can do many things from real life also in Second Life.

What about visiting a theater with your friends?

For sure you can do! Today I did notice that one of my neighboors left the estate and whats new there on the land? How I said.. there is a little theater now. So why not invite your friends and have some fun?

I just think its one more activity which could be fun if we are bored in Second Life. I know the theater seems to be not huge but is that importend? I dont think so. When I did go in, I did notice that you have to be in the group to use the screen. But you can join easy and leave after the theater visit.. or just stay.. how ever you like.

So in my opinion this is a great idea and defenetly a visit worth. So take your friends there and have some fun!

Here you will find the location in Second Life:


Nice Gulf Coast Setting in Second Life

Ok with my travel addiction in Second Life, I´m arrived on another sim now.
First impression was that I´m arrived in a gulf coast setting with very well design. The place is called Junkyard Blues Club. I did see many palm trees, lagoons or should i better say little lakes? Oh yea and in some of those little lakes I did notice some crocodiles but you can be sure they wont kill you! My avatar is still alive after this journey.

So when I did arrive, i had the choice to go to the beach, to the shops or to the club. Well im a beach fan so this was my decision to go the first. Its just because i really love to see water and palm trees in Second Life. Its often so that this is looking amazing.
I did see so many beaches in Second Life but I cant stop to search even and even for new ones. Ok so how i said, i wanted to go to the beach first.

But I did know that I will find anything else which is interesting on the way to the beach. If i really think that  a Sim is well and perfect designed, than i just cant go a distance without take a rest on the way and just enjoy the enviroment. I had to take screenshots again. Behind me you can see a very old gas station with a work shop. Aside i did notice a laundry shop. I know its nothing special but when I did see the design of this architectures i was just impressed. The designers did really hit the gulf coast flair. So next time if i want to meet friends to talk a bit, i will do it defenetly here on the park bench just because of the great enviroment. It was just a nice area there.

After this little brake it became late and the sun went to bed. I just arrived on the ocean and did see this bridge over the water. On this point i was now sure i will see boats and i love boats in Second Life! I just have to say again that i often get impressed because there so many creative peoples in Second Life. They build so much good stuff and arrange it often to a whole sim. Really impressive.

So I was right. There was boats! Anyway i was a bit sad that i couldnt use them because it was just a landing space of other peoples who did rent this spot for her private boat. So yea you can rent those boat spots. To sad that i couldnt do a boat tour there. The lakes and the oceans are just to beatiful and i wish I could to that tour. However maybe i can do so in the future. And i think i will! BUt for now i had to complete my way altthough i didnt know where to go next. Not because I was bored.. no no! Just because the sim was to huge and there was to many interesting spots that even if  I wanted, it would just be to hard to write about them all here in my blog. Huge and great!
So then i found a flowery cocktail bar. This was also great at night with a nice view!
The place was so lovely designed that you feel very happythere. So take a look there soon!
I did see many cool islands around, which was defently a look worth too!
I found also a little water channel and believe me this is romantic to walk there.
But the main atraction seemed to be the Junkyard Blues Club there where many peoples was around and had fun while dancing. Yea I think this was the main atraction on this sim and peoples seemed to have fun there. The music was also very great.
All in all this was a nice time for me on this sim.
And you should defenetly take a look there too 🙂
Here is the link to this place:

Is Midnight Mania out?

Well ussualy I often did put new stuff on my midnight mania boars. Today I did it again. Its great because you can ussualy share some freebie and give it to the peoples. As reward you get some good traffic to your mall.

However since a few weeks I dont get peoples in to my midnight mania board. Today for example I postet with my alt in 25 midnight mania groups that i have new stuff on the midnight mania board. But nothing happens.

Nobody did arrive.

SO do you all have the same experience? I would like to know that. Feel free to drop me a comment under this article.

Because I have the feeling that the midnigh mania hype has an end now. Is it out now? This is the question.

Miyo arrived on the Pirate Airport

Hey I told you already that I enjoy to travel in Second Life sometimes.

So today I arrived at Pirate Airport and was a bit impressed. I mean we all know that Second Life has many creative peoples who build Sims. But Second Life has such a big vatiety of creativity that I sometimes just have to take screenshots for my collections. And yea this is why I also like to write about special places then.

So first thing I did notice is that the peoples really can fly aircrafts there but also chopper and so. I asked someone if anybody can fly there and they told me “yes”. You can for sure rezz your own aircrafts or just take one of the freebie aircraft in one of the buildings beside the runway. So it was cool to see that peoples did fly in and fly out of the runway. I also noticed a few meters away of the runway something like a highscore objects. So it seems to be that peoples can beat each other with better fly times but im not sure about it. Well I didnt investigate that because I am more interested in architecture of Sims or I should better say im just interested in design and so. I dont get easy impressed by games but more if i see any special objects and if the setting of the sim is wonderful. Well and I need to say my first impression of the Pirate Airport ist pretty cool. You should take a look there.

So next when i walking around, I did notice a map in a hangar, which was showing me many more airports around. So i guess you can just take your aircraft and fly from one airport to another one. Seems to be a pretty good idea for a sim. I also did notice some cool pictures on the hangar walls. They all was a bit related to aviation and so. The whole design of all the enviroment there was pretty aweseom. I think they did build hours and hours and week for week on this sim. I think sometimes i can see if the designers did do there job with love or not. Here they defenetly did it with love and much creativity. So if you are bored some day. Just check out this place. It is just great there.

So if you want to check out this place, just teleport here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Honah%20Lee%20Surf/163/89/22


Lionheart Virtual Real Estate Expanding Tour

When it goes to virtual real estate, its often not that easy to find the right place to rent land in second life.

Why? Well my experience is that many sim owners start there business with to low prices. I mean most of them think that they could do better business then. But what is the result often? Well those virtual real estate companys dont live very long. The bad thing is that you as a business owner need land for long time. You know you share your landmarks and so and this is why its very bad if you have even and even to rent new places because the sim owner close the doors.

And this is why i want to tell you something about a second life real estate company where i rent my land.

They are called Lionheart Virtual Real Estate and i am very happy with them.

I call the titel of this post “Lionheart Virtual Real Estate Expanding Tour” because they really do expand time by time which means that there business must be good.

What i can say because of my own experience with them. They prices of land arent low.. but also not to hight. How ever if you ask me.. Its ok if the prices are a bit higher then anywhere else. On Lionheart you can see that they live longer but not only this. Those prices give you better support and Lionheart has very good support.

I could tell you a big story about it.. there are many specials. Its great there.. time by time the peoples from Lionheart but also the peoples who rent land there meet up to talk about differend news, experiences but also about problems and so. This is great because its a good way to know who are your neighboors on the sim.

This is why i know what is importend and what not on the search for good land.

I just dont want to rent land.. no i want to be sure that if i rent, the estate need to live very long otherwise i would have to search again for new land which wouldnt be effective for my business. So better to pay a bit higher tiers but get long time land and pretty good support then renting cheap land and wonder laters why the estate company get a crash.

So a long time relation is way more effective for our business. Good support makes it professional and if you addiotionaly have the chance to meet the estate assistants, owners and for sure the tenants and your neighboors, what else could be better?

All this is why my suggestions go to Lionheart Virtual Real Estate.

They did expand often last time.. they grow and get often new sims and this is for me an indicator that they have success. And this is also a sighn that they dont close the door after you did decide to rent there.

So this is also why I decide to tell you about them.

If you looking for land you should visit there homepage.

Btw. you can gather many informations on there website. many of them are pretty helpful for your decision.

Here is the link to the website of Lionheart Virtual Real Estate:


Xfire and Second Life

Some of you maybe use the tool Xfire oh and for sure Second Life or?

So some days ago, a friend told me that peoples who use Xfire and Second Life, can meet up in  a special Xfire group only for Second Life users.

I thought i would share the link to this group. Currently there are 48 members and I thik this group will grow and grow.

And you maybe also ask about the sense of this group? Ok let me explain..

Many of us like to take screenshots and videos. Sure some of us also like to broadcast.

Because xFire shows every new screenshot and video of a group member on the index site of this group, it is more easy to find Second Life related screenshots or videos now.

So this is the place where we can show our material. This is the place where we can share screenshots and vidoes with each other.

This is more then perfect.

Additionally this place is logical also the place where we Second Life users can connect.

Yea and the reason why I did join this Xfire group too! 🙂

Alexandre Skins & Fashion now in my Mall!

Alexandre Skins & Fashion has some great stuff to offer and this is why I decided to place those great fashion in my second mall space.
And this is great because its seems so that peoples like this fashion. So my mall is expanded to many new fashion products for girls. But we also have some stuff for boys there.
But its also great because we have a little tatoo corner now! Those Alexandre tatoos are pretty sexy and you should take a look in our mall!
So if you like to see some of these fashion products, feel free to teleport to my mall and see if you find anything interesting there.

Here is the location of the mal:

So hope you will find something for you and your second life :):

Woohoo Pagerank

Im not sure but i have to wonder why this blog has a google pagerank of 3! I mean I didnt write much last time here. Anyway someone maybe did link my blog so that i´ve got shared the pagerank of them too.

However this is great!

Hi Second Life!

Hi Second Life..

I need to tell you that I am back! Yes I am back now! I think we all know this. Sometimes we need a brake of Second Life. But last few weeks I did login to Second Life again and again. I just feel fun again. Maybe I did need this brake to collect new ideas.

So when I did login again, it was very cool to meet old Second Life friend. We had so much to talk last days. And I was very happy to meet them again. Its great if peoples dont forget who you are. So what else do i plan to do next days and weeks? Well I think i will build some new stuff. Manage my Mall..

Yea for sure meet friends or just listen music in any cool clubs. I said in a older post, that i really like to travel in Second Life, so any suggestions would be welcome here. Maybe you can tell me some new and great locations?

However.. I think I will have a funny time again in Second Life. A brake is not bad, but I sometimes I need to come back. And this is what I wanted to say now. Greetings.

Advertice your Business in our Mall

You can advertice your Business in our Mall.

We have differend AdBoards for rent. You can rent them for 80L$/weekly.

Its special because they are directly near a slapt-terminal, midnight mania board, lucky chair and eldex terminal.

So be sure that you visit our place and rent one of these advertice spots: