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Hi Second Life!

Hi Second Life..

I need to tell you that I am back! Yes I am back now! I think we all know this. Sometimes we need a brake of Second Life. But last few weeks I did login to Second Life again and again. I just feel fun again. Maybe I did need this brake to collect new ideas.

So when I did login again, it was very cool to meet old Second Life friend. We had so much to talk last days. And I was very happy to meet them again. Its great if peoples dont forget who you are. So what else do i plan to do next days and weeks? Well I think i will build some new stuff. Manage my Mall..

Yea for sure meet friends or just listen music in any cool clubs. I said in a older post, that i really like to travel in Second Life, so any suggestions would be welcome here. Maybe you can tell me some new and great locations?

However.. I think I will have a funny time again in Second Life. A brake is not bad, but I sometimes I need to come back. And this is what I wanted to say now. Greetings.

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