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Miyo arrived on the Pirate Airport

Hey I told you already that I enjoy to travel in Second Life sometimes.

So today I arrived at Pirate Airport and was a bit impressed. I mean we all know that Second Life has many creative peoples who build Sims. But Second Life has such a big vatiety of creativity that I sometimes just have to take screenshots for my collections. And yea this is why I also like to write about special places then.

So first thing I did notice is that the peoples really can fly aircrafts there but also chopper and so. I asked someone if anybody can fly there and they told me “yes”. You can for sure rezz your own aircrafts or just take one of the freebie aircraft in one of the buildings beside the runway. So it was cool to see that peoples did fly in and fly out of the runway. I also noticed a few meters away of the runway something like a highscore objects. So it seems to be that peoples can beat each other with better fly times but im not sure about it. Well I didnt investigate that because I am more interested in architecture of Sims or I should better say im just interested in design and so. I dont get easy impressed by games but more if i see any special objects and if the setting of the sim is wonderful. Well and I need to say my first impression of the Pirate Airport ist pretty cool. You should take a look there.

So next when i walking around, I did notice a map in a hangar, which was showing me many more airports around. So i guess you can just take your aircraft and fly from one airport to another one. Seems to be a pretty good idea for a sim. I also did notice some cool pictures on the hangar walls. They all was a bit related to aviation and so. The whole design of all the enviroment there was pretty aweseom. I think they did build hours and hours and week for week on this sim. I think sometimes i can see if the designers did do there job with love or not. Here they defenetly did it with love and much creativity. So if you are bored some day. Just check out this place. It is just great there.

So if you want to check out this place, just teleport here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Honah%20Lee%20Surf/163/89/22


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