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Xfire and Second Life

Some of you maybe use the tool Xfire oh and for sure Second Life or?

So some days ago, a friend told me that peoples who use Xfire and Second Life, can meet up in  a special Xfire group only for Second Life users.

I thought i would share the link to this group. Currently there are 48 members and I thik this group will grow and grow.

And you maybe also ask about the sense of this group? Ok let me explain..

Many of us like to take screenshots and videos. Sure some of us also like to broadcast.

Because xFire shows every new screenshot and video of a group member on the index site of this group, it is more easy to find Second Life related screenshots or videos now.

So this is the place where we can show our material. This is the place where we can share screenshots and vidoes with each other.

This is more then perfect.

Additionally this place is logical also the place where we Second Life users can connect.

Yea and the reason why I did join this Xfire group too! 🙂

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