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Japanese Style in Second Life

Hi my friends. Today I want to tell you something about another voyage I had in Second Life.

All started with a conversation on Twitter. I did meet a friendly person there who told me, that he owns two sims in Second Life. We had really a nice talk.

But if somebody tell me about Second Life places, you all know I get easily snoopy! So this is why I did ask him for the place and where I can find that sim.

And then he did invite me to show his sim. My first impression was very good because I anyway like asian style structures and architecture. I dont know much about this architexture but anyway if I see those buildings I have to say “Wooow!”. Maybe just because I like this shapes of the architecture. Japanese culture for example is very impressive. Ok so when I arrived, the friendly sim owner did show me first a theater. You can see the structure here on the first both screenshots. So then we did talk there in a meditation pose. It was fun.

After this discussion I asked him if I can walk around and take some screenshots and write a blog post about this place. He said “No problem”. You know im addicted to find new places in Second Life and if I found a asian style sim, im more happy. After say “Goodbye” I did start my walk there. I did see many japanese buildings around and I will show you some screenshots of them now. Maybe you like this style too.

Here I found something like a castle. Great architecture and very creative. Sure you are able to go in there and I will tell you more about it on the next screenshots!
I went up to the highest level of this castle tower and there I found something..
You can use a telescope there. This was a funny idea!
Here is some other japanese style architecture. I think this looks pretty awesome.
But I found also a big and modern skyscraper there. Looks cool too or?
I´ve found some of these typical japanese food stations.. You can sit there and so. I think this here is my favorite screenshot. What do you think?
You can go into many buildings there and just sit, relax or meditate.
At least I did decide to sit for a while in a nice japanese enviroment and started to write on this blog post. All in all I would say this sim is impressive and also a visit worth. So nothing more to say..
If you are also interested in Second Life architecture.. You should take a look there. It would also be a trip worth with your friend. Tell them and relax a day on  a japanese sim.
Ok but you need to know where to go… so here are the details:
Sim Name: Kumamoto Japan
So just check that out and I hope you have fun there.

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