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Alexandre Skins & Fashion now in my Mall!

Alexandre Skins & Fashion has some great stuff to offer and this is why I decided to place those great fashion in my second mall space.
And this is great because its seems so that peoples like this fashion. So my mall is expanded to many new fashion products for girls. But we also have some stuff for boys there.
But its also great because we have a little tatoo corner now! Those Alexandre tatoos are pretty sexy and you should take a look in our mall!
So if you like to see some of these fashion products, feel free to teleport to my mall and see if you find anything interesting there.

Here is the location of the mal:

So hope you will find something for you and your second life :):

Woohoo Pagerank

Im not sure but i have to wonder why this blog has a google pagerank of 3! I mean I didnt write much last time here. Anyway someone maybe did link my blog so that i´ve got shared the pagerank of them too.

However this is great!

Hi Second Life!

Hi Second Life..

I need to tell you that I am back! Yes I am back now! I think we all know this. Sometimes we need a brake of Second Life. But last few weeks I did login to Second Life again and again. I just feel fun again. Maybe I did need this brake to collect new ideas.

So when I did login again, it was very cool to meet old Second Life friend. We had so much to talk last days. And I was very happy to meet them again. Its great if peoples dont forget who you are. So what else do i plan to do next days and weeks? Well I think i will build some new stuff. Manage my Mall..

Yea for sure meet friends or just listen music in any cool clubs. I said in a older post, that i really like to travel in Second Life, so any suggestions would be welcome here. Maybe you can tell me some new and great locations?

However.. I think I will have a funny time again in Second Life. A brake is not bad, but I sometimes I need to come back. And this is what I wanted to say now. Greetings.

Advertice your Business in our Mall

You can advertice your Business in our Mall.

We have differend AdBoards for rent. You can rent them for 80L$/weekly.

Its special because they are directly near a slapt-terminal, midnight mania board, lucky chair and eldex terminal.

So be sure that you visit our place and rent one of these advertice spots: