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Very good plants in cost-performance ratio!

I told you in my last blog post that I was looking for plants I can place in my Mall to get a beautification. Yea I wanted that shoppers feel good and relaxed when they arrive. So then I did need some good plants and I was looking on xstreet. I found some pretty good ones and they had a great price:
Good Second Life Plants in Cost-Performance Ratio

I mean 20L$ for such great plants is perfect or not?

However I did notice early enought that this person sells all her plants in a box for just 200L$ too:
20 Potted Plants / Planters

I did check out the potted plants in world:
:: KAZ :: Potted Plants / Planters

I was happy so far with these plants and did decide to buy the full box with 20 plants on xstreet and I didnt regret this decision.

So my suggestion goes to KAZ plants.. You should check them out if you want to get some more beautification for your Second Life place.

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