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Just opened a new satellite Shop in Second Life

I just opened a new satelite Shop at Club Q-Poit in Lionheart Timon. This is my first shop in addition to my -DD-Mall in Lionheart Pumbaa. So I did expand again in my Second Life and I am very happy!

The location is pretty good because the store is just a few meters away from the club which will open in some days. Anyway I did notice already some sales before. I offer Alexandre Skins, Shapes and Tatoos in this little shop. If you arrive there on the landing point, you will see the shop directly on the right side of the club.

There are still some shops and adboards available and I suggest to rent there fast because this location is a gold mine! Not only because the owner did advertice this place hard. NO also because he gave me great support. I was able to negotiate very good. Because the Club will open some days later I did negotiate that I get 3 free days rent until the club will open. Oh yea he did help me to adjust all my needs.. for example he asked me what textured I would like on the shop walls.. he did place one bigger store instead of two little stores and so. Its not often that I see such a good support. I am extremly happy with this person.

So let me check out the next weeks how it will run on this location. Im confident it will be great.


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