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Party at Pacha House Club in SL

Yesterday I did join another Club in Second Life. I id join the Party at Pacha House Club in Second Life.

There was a DJ who is also the manager there. He did play awesme house music and I did enjoy the party for over one hour until i had to go because real life was calling. But it was fun and you should check that place out too. Great music and nice peoples. The location was pretty delightful because the textured they used are very awesome. Look at the screenshot and see the dancefloor texture. Oh and all the palms.. you know i love plants in Second Life because my opinion is that they give a place a special atmosphere.. yea if they place palms i even have to think about california style and so. I get happy mood then. Yea really…

I talked to some peoples there and all seemed to be very friendly and communicative. I did see a lot of pretty avatars there with high quality skins and clothes. I like peoples who take pains to get such an awesome avatar style. I would say its looking cool then and you can see those peoples on the screenshots. Arent they beaty? I think so!
They said they do 24 hour sparty there but im not sure if this is true. However they make a lot of partys thats sure and you defenetly should check them out.

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