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Epic Fail With My Satellite Shops in SL?!

Epic Fail With My Satellite Shops in SL?!

Its just two weeks ago when I did write about the opening of two new satellite shops for my product line here:

Blog Entry: Opened a new Shop at Club Q-Poit
Blog Entry: Opened a new Shop at Pacha House Club

When I thought about opening the new Shop at Club Q-Poit I first had to ask the Club Owner a lot of questions. I even ask before I rent anywhere. I ask about how many Events there will be hold per week. What kind of peoples wil be there.. what kind of language to they speak and much more. It helps me to decide if I rent or not. However the Club Owner said there will be round about 3 Events per Week. Well because the Shop is not far away from the Dancefloor I though that this Location will be good to share my Landmarks and Notecards yea and maybe to get some sales.

In fact I had to discover now that this person just hold two or three Evend in two weeks. So this makes me angry. Not because I dont sell anything.. no just because of the fact that he gave me wrong details about the agreement. So why to hell peoples tell you that there will be so much Events if they even know this is a lie? Why? In my opinion this is nothing more then stealing. Oh for sure I will talk with this person.. oh oh for sure!
But at the moment he just dont log in so that I have to assume that this person place just some shops.. receives some tier L$´s from the tenants.. oh and then the job is well done.. made some money and you´ll never see them again. I usualy dont think that traffic is importend.. but today I noticed he has 23 Traffic on his club land.. which tells me there is nothin.. really no event and nothing. And this is why I am angry.

Lets go on with the Club Pacha. Here I need to say that there are Events hold 24/7. Oh sure you can see a lot of peoples there on the dancefloor. And my shop isnt far away from this dancefloor. But I have to learn for the future that much peoples on a dancefloor isnt meaning that this is good for a shop. Why? I am also not sure about this. If you ask me.. I guess they just place some dancing bots and some alts on the dancefloor.. oh and then lets rock the party.. which is meaning in my opinion that there arent much potential customers around. I dont want to asume this.. this is just my feeling.

So after two weeks renting two satellite shops I need to say it was a epic fail. I should invest such linden dollars in my main parcel with the mall. And fpr sure I think I will do so in the future.

Peoples who rent space just see the fast money but dont take care about the tenants.. This is my feeling. I think not all think so.. but many of them do.

So this is why I write a bit angry about it.


Miyo Darcy

5 responses

  1. ELQ

    Satellite shops in clubs are money sinks. They do have an ROI, but it’s in name recognition, brand experience, and community building. The best way to have a satellite store that actually makes money is to rent/share land from/with other actual merchants. Club traffic is not shopping traffic. Sure, they shop, but that’s not why they came to the club.

    May 26, 2010 at 12:56 am

  2. Steam Bunjie

    Hard to trust anyone in Second life, people don’t have the integrity we expect from a business deal or to even back up what they say they are going to do.

    There is a BBB better business bureau in Second Life, I don’t know if it’s still running but if so might be a place to start looking for people with integrity.

    May 26, 2010 at 12:59 am

  3. Hello 🙂

    And thank you both to share your experience with me.
    Yea the minimal target what I want to reach with such a store is to spread out the shop label.. to tell peoples about the label. Sure sales would be good too.

    But you are right. I should rethink my strategies.. Club traffic maybe doesnt mean shopping traffic because lot of them came to make party. Well so maybe the club Pacha is not to bad.. but Q-Poit was a lie with the deal.

    Thanks Steam Bunjie for the tip about the Better Business Breau.. I try a search later in Second Life.

    Even looking for new ideas to promote my own business.


    May 26, 2010 at 10:51 am

  4. I’m very sorry to hear that this happened to you. I know all about the first club as the owner owned the parcel next to Jolly Farm for a brief time. As far as I know, he just stopped logging in one day and both of his parcels had to be repossessed.

    You might do what I am doing…

    I offer to put my products up in other people’s stores or on their land. In exchange for setting up shop tier free, they get 50% of the sale using a split profit script. I also offer an affiliate vendor board which gives the user 30%, but I find a lot of people like the idea of having the actual product line for shoppers to interact with.

    I get decent exposure from this as all of my products have landmarks leading to my store… and it costs me NOTHING! It’s pure profit. 🙂

    June 17, 2010 at 6:50 am

  5. Yea he just stopped login.. dunno.. maybe he was busy in Rl and stopped SL. But if you ask me.. we all know before when we have very busy times in RL or? Well I did forget about that but at this time I was a bit angry sure.

    Sookie your idea is great and I know it can work pretty good. In the past I also had several split profit shops. I agree with you that this works well.. sadly most of my partners stopped sl maybe too. Dont see them often online anymore.. I think I will work on this in the future again but first it is summer so Im not often online.. but autunm and winter I will be extremly online again and then I make new plans 🙂

    For sure I dont stop to pay my mainparcel tier 🙂

    June 17, 2010 at 7:57 am

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