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Peoples like to filch backlinks with there SL Blogs or they are lazy!

Yesterday I asked the “Second Life Club Review Blog” Owner if a backlink exchange would be a great idea? The answer was “Woow cool yes sure!”.

I did add this blog to my “Second Life related Blogs” Section and thought they would do so too.

Today I had to notice that they didnt add my blog to there lin section. However and nevermind for me because I can pass on peoples who just say “Yes and amen!” but dont do anythink.

I dont think that they did forget to do it because we did chat in IM Second Life yesterday and a link exchange takes just a minute. I did need just 1 minute to but there blog to mymlink list.

But because they didnt, I had to remove there link today too because I have to assume that they are just to lazy to put a link online or they just wanted to filch my backlink..

But im not stupid so go away with your “Second Life Club Review Blog” and be happy!


I did open the next satelite shop in Second Life

So again I did expand and opened another satelite shop in Second Life. You can find the Crazy Accessory Shop here.

I think the location is pretty good because it is located near the dancefloor of the Pacha House Club. I did reduce the Heart Belly Piercing for Girls there so be sure to check that location out, 🙂

Changes to XStreet SL Image Support

Dear XStreetSL Merchants,
We’ve had to make a change, effective immediately, to what image hosting locations we can allow on Xstreet. If the images in your listings are all hosted on Linden-owned domains, this will not impact you.

You can read more of this news on the Second Life Blog

Best Tipjars you can get in Second Life

Best Tipjars you can get in Second Life

If we talk about the best Tipjars in Second Life, there is only one Name… Alicia Stella!

I offer some of her Tipjars in my Mall because I am affiliate of Alicia Stella Design and you really should check that out:


New Hot Club Opening Soon In Second Life!

New Club Opening soon in Second Life

The new Club Q-Poit will open soon in Second Life. Club Daddy Fendrik Arado will open the club on May, 10pm SLT!

So be sure to arrive there because the party will be hot.

I talked with Fendrik Arado and he has a lot of future plans for this club. He is experienced club owner and did managed a lot of clubs in the past. So its sure that you can expect a very hot party there!

About the music.. when I talked to the owner he said that they will run differend partys with differend music to make the crowd happy.He likes the concept to be very open minded with music. The location in Lionheart Timon is pretty awesmome. He did place a lot of palms which give you the cool california feelin there.

I would suggest that you take a look at this Second Life club on May, 10pm SLT! Greetings!

Just opened a new satellite Shop in Second Life

I just opened a new satelite Shop at Club Q-Poit in Lionheart Timon. This is my first shop in addition to my -DD-Mall in Lionheart Pumbaa. So I did expand again in my Second Life and I am very happy!

The location is pretty good because the store is just a few meters away from the club which will open in some days. Anyway I did notice already some sales before. I offer Alexandre Skins, Shapes and Tatoos in this little shop. If you arrive there on the landing point, you will see the shop directly on the right side of the club.

There are still some shops and adboards available and I suggest to rent there fast because this location is a gold mine! Not only because the owner did advertice this place hard. NO also because he gave me great support. I was able to negotiate very good. Because the Club will open some days later I did negotiate that I get 3 free days rent until the club will open. Oh yea he did help me to adjust all my needs.. for example he asked me what textured I would like on the shop walls.. he did place one bigger store instead of two little stores and so. Its not often that I see such a good support. I am extremly happy with this person.

So let me check out the next weeks how it will run on this location. Im confident it will be great.

AdBoards available at -DD-Mall for 50L$ weekly!

AdBoards available at -DD-Mall for 50L$ weekly!

AdBoards at -DD-Mall in Second Life

The AdBoards are direclty near a slapt.me terminal, eldex terminal, midnight mania board, lucky chair.

So just check out our place and if you like, just rent a board and advertice your service in my Mall. Greetings.

-DD-Mall Advertisement on SLU now!

-DD-Mall Advertisement on SLU

Since I have very realistic Skins and Shapes for Second Life Avatars in my Mall and since I did place more and more great Fashion there, I did decide to advertice my business a bit harder.

On the left side you can see my new 160 px x 600 px Banner which is the one I use to advertice on the SLUniverse Forums now.

If you want to see the new Skins and Shapes or the new Fashion in my Mall, then just click the Banner on the left side or just teleport to this location here:

SURL to the -DD-Mall in Second Life

Im not sure if this kind of Advertisment will help my Second Life Business to grow. How ever I check that out right now.

I hope to get some new customers on this way. Banneradverticement is pretty new to my Business. I did try that out long time ago on a very popular german Second Life related Forum but there I didnt notice a great success.

Well but the SLUniverse Forums seems to be a big place for SL related topics and I did notice that there are many peoples online every hour.

I even like to give new ideas a try. And who knows? Maybe I get some new visitors to the Mall. Maybe I can spread out a Message on this way.

And if I notice some more sales, I will keep that Ad up in the future, I´m sure.

But how I said: First I need to try how much clicks I get on this way. Greetings.

Very good plants in cost-performance ratio!

I told you in my last blog post that I was looking for plants I can place in my Mall to get a beautification. Yea I wanted that shoppers feel good and relaxed when they arrive. So then I did need some good plants and I was looking on xstreet. I found some pretty good ones and they had a great price:
Good Second Life Plants in Cost-Performance Ratio

I mean 20L$ for such great plants is perfect or not?

However I did notice early enought that this person sells all her plants in a box for just 200L$ too:
20 Potted Plants / Planters

I did check out the potted plants in world:
:: KAZ :: Potted Plants / Planters

I was happy so far with these plants and did decide to buy the full box with 20 plants on xstreet and I didnt regret this decision.

So my suggestion goes to KAZ plants.. You should check them out if you want to get some more beautification for your Second Life place.

A lot of changes in my Mall

So yesterday I just wanted to make some changes in my Mall in Second Life.

The first idea was to build a third etage. But I didnt want to build in the high again. So i thought about the solution to build a cellar in the mall.

First it wasnt easy because the Second Life terraforming tools are horrible in my opinion. But then the estate owner told me about a tool which is way more effective.

But what did I place in the new room? Well i´ve got some new and great alexandre fashion skins and shapes. So I wanted to place them in my mall. I am alexandre affiliate and I am sure I will sell a lot of those skins because they are very realistic. And if i dont sell much.. however SL is fun and not only business. But SL keeps me creative and this is the main point why i like to spend time for it. But anyway let me please place the SURL to the skin and shapes:

This is another view of the new mall space.. I like to work with blue windows and the idea was to see sim water on the ground. Im not sure if its ok to be proud about the own work.. but in this case I am. I had a lot of fun while redesign. When I finished the room, i still did need some friendly admosphere.. so i thought it would be great to buy some plants. I did place some of them in differend spots of the mall. Now I am happy!