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Freelance Job or controlled by SL Agency?

Time by time I offer translation service in Second Life. I did write an article about it here on my Second Life Blog a few weeks ago. I speak native german yea because I am german and for me its not a problem to understand english very well. I wouldn´t say that I can write perfect in english.. No I think I cant.. but I do understand english very very well. In this fact was helping me in the past to translate english content to german in the past. I did complete several offers.

So there is a translation agency in Second Life which is called “Babel Translations”. Yesterday the owner did notice that I advertise my service in several forums I think. Later then he was contacting me and asked me if I would be interested to work for his SL company.

I had my concerns. If I am controlled by a SL Agency, I will lose my flexibility and self-determination. But he said then “No you wont..” and gave me several reasons for that. He said I would be paid more then I get with my own service. All it sounds well for me. Anyway I did need one day to think about it. I do so even if there is a bigger decission.

I mean I own a Mall in Second Life.. I am Creator in Second Life.. and then employee of an Agency?
How I said I had my concerns.. I would like it if I can decide about my own time. But he said I can.

Ok thought about it one day now and I think I will give it a try. Maybe its fun to work in a team instead of the situation before. I will see.

But first I need to wait for an answer now.. if he is still interested. Maybe I will blog again about it. But all seems to be clear right now.


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