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Most SL Clubowners are without sense of decency!

Yes you did read right. In my opinion most SL Clubowners are without sense of decency. Oh and I miss logic and cleverness too. I would go so far that I say most of them want to rip you off if you ate tenant!

But this doesnt mean that I say every Clubowner want to screw you. No I said many or most of them do so. And this is my experience as shopü tenan.

I told some of you with a blog article that I did rent a shop at Club Pacha in Second Life and that this spot was horrible. I did pay for four weeks and in this four I didnt have a single sale. I must say here that I dont expect only sales if I rent anywhere.. Sure it is great if I sell much.. but it wont be to bad if I dont sell much. I expect first of all to share my notecard and landmark with my LMgiver there. Next I expect that peoples will see my shop sign. All this is name recognition and brand awareness. And this is what I expect first of all. If I sell anyway.. its great too! However in case of the Pacha Club I did not even share one single landmark or notecard. I am total sure that I wasnt able to build brand awareness on this spot. And this is why I called it “epic fail” in one of my blog articles.

For sure I did tell the club owner that I was pretty unhappy with this shop space. It was idle money. But I didnt want to make much trouble because of this. For me it was just clear that I dont re-new the rental there.

Somedays later the club owner contacted me again to tell me about his new plans. He want to rebuild the club and wanted to make sure if I maybe rent on the new spot. In a second I did hit the keyboard and did answer to his IM “No I am not interested.”. After he said that this spot will have again huge traffic I said “Hun.. traffic doesnt mean anything.. it could be a place full of bots and thats why I dont care about these numbers”.
He said he isnt gaming traffic and so…

Then I recived some plans which looks like this:

I did trust him. He said this would be the new strategy. And I have to say that I like these kind of spots. I very good experience in the past with that. I was tenant of several clubs with the same strategy. And if get a good shop there, it can be great.. but just “can be great”..

Because of my good experience with clubs who use this strategy I was interested now and had to ask him many questions again. I asked him for example if the TP Point will be a fixed point for all. Or if he will teleport peoples directly to the dancefloor? He said everyone will arrive on the tp point and then they have to go through the mallway until they reach the dancefloor of the club. I asked him some other question..
And I thought all sounds good and I will try it out for a week. He did assure to give me a spot near the club. I thought about that and later I said “Ok lets try that”.

You maybe ask now why I am so unhappy then? Well.. because he gave me a grafic like this.. and he told me about his plans but later I had to notice that some of these points arent true.
If we talk about teleport point.. He said everyone will arrive on this point. Today I did notice this is not fact. Nevermind how you arrive there.. Groupmessage, LM, Notecard, Direct teleport or what ever.. you will arrive directly on the dancefloor and not on the tp point. Only the peoples who came from search they will arrive on the teleport point.

However this is not the biggest problem…
When I did check my rental box I had to notice that they increased the rental fee from 300L$ to 400L$ without tell me this. You may think now “Well but its just 100L$ more..” but I have to say this is not the problem. The problem is here that he changed later so much things that it is now total differend to the agreement before. I did rent this spot on a total differend agreement.

But sure for me 400L$ weekly seems to be exorbitant too. Let us think logic now. We all know about Second Life economy behavior. To reach 400L$ in a week with a little shop near a club isnt assured.
Sometimes it can work.. sometimes not.. but I calculated with 300L$ here because this was the agreement and later I have to pay 400L$ now.. its not good because in this case 80% of peoples wont see your shop anyway because the teleport them to the dancefloor. If I count all this together.. yes then I get angry.
Because if he would told me before about these changes, I maybe wouldnt spend money on that.

Im sure I wont earn so much money there that I can cover the shop rental. And I am sure others cant do too. And this is why he maybe need to search every one or two weeks new tenants

For me its a pain to find peoples who hold what they said before..

I did tell him my opinion about that now. Let me see what he will answer. But assurance in these guys is lost anyway.

I just guess that many club owner use shops to farm Lindendollars.. they really do not care about the tenants.. what they see is the fast and easy money. Maybe not all.. but many peoples do.

I know they have costs for the land too which need to be covered..For sure they need to do but it would be for all better if these peoples take care about the tenants..Those exorbitant tends to nothing..they are unlogic.

So this is why I call it “farm the tenants”.

Sometimes I cant stop thinking that it is a shame and that there are a lot of fraudster in Second Life.

Sure maybe all this sounds like I am pissed now.. Maybe I am.. but this blog post will help me forget this. Blogging keeps me relaxed.. so all will be cool! 🙂


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