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Found a huge furniture center in Second Life

Hey my friends! Today I did use twitter for some communication because I was bored. A few days ago I did meet MickeyETC on Twitter so that I had some talk with her today again. You all know I am often nosy so I did notice her link on twitter is a SURL. I just checked her location then out inworld in Second Life. And what did I notice there? Great! She is furniture creator like me! So I arrived there in her Furniture Center called EtCetera Furniture ETC. I would suggest you click that link here and see what she is offering.

She had many kitchen sets there.. but look at this screenshot here.. this red kitchen did impress me very much. I like this style. But how I said.. this is not the only kitchen there.. just take a look!

I also found many bed room furnitures. See this picture here.. I think this is a pretty awesome arrangement.

I think you can get there everything which is called furniture and so. I did notice a lot of great outdoor stuff too there. Some stuff you can place in your Second Life garden. I like her style.

But see this here.. The store is huge. You really find everything there and this is why I am to lazy to write down everything she is offering.. its a huge sortiment there. I found really much furniture there.

At least I found out that there are promo sales in her store. You see the june special promo on the screenshot.
It is her Tuscan Wrought Iron Patio Set. The Idea seems to be great, if you purchase anything there for 500L$ you will get this promo set for free. But you can also buy this set for 500L$.

So yea I would say if you next time searching for some good furniture and so, just take a look at her store. Im sure you will find some interesting stuff for your Second Life!

And here is the store SURL:ETC Furniture Center

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