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I am back soon… just to busy rigth now.

Yea I think I will be back at Second Life is summer is over. I will be there when autunm or winter starts. Lately I am pretty busy in reallife so this is why this blog is pretty bored last time. Yea not much I can write about, if I take a Second Life brake at the moment.

So I did follow all about Second Life just with one eye.

I did notice that slapt the marketplace was closes.. I had a talk with the owner and so.. They did close it because they didnt have much tume and so.. well this is at least what they did tell me.. However I didnt expect that. THey just told us so much good plans.. yea at least nothing came by out. But nevermind.

What did I notice else? Well.. the new Second Life Marketplace Beta is running. This was something importend for me as I sell Second Life stuff. I did need to proof if all my items are ported over and so. My opinion about the new marketplace? Dunno. If you ask me.. I would be happy if the old one stays as the marketplace.. xstreet is ok for me.. And I really cant see a need to change all that. But this depends on me because I usualy never dont like big changes. Its just me. However now we need to take it as it is. I just wonder if they will port over all the ratings we did collect with our products on xstreet.

Sometimes I had to login coz I need to pay my parcel rental. I wont that my store gets closes. I did put in so much work. My Second Life business seems to be stable.. yea not good but not bad.. just stable. I can afford to keep paying my land inworld. And I am able to put some money back into my real life.. this is fun.

So why I am not much active in SL right now? Well how I said.. I did need to keep some things in reallife stable too. We shouldn´t forget that there is not only a Second Life.. there is a Real Life too. Its sommer.. and even if I hate sommer coz i get sick if it is to hot and to warm (I dont like this air), I just had to visit my family and my friends again.. just had to do some real life.

Does this mean I never come back to SL? No.. not really.. Im a computer child.. I love to hang on my computer. I love games.. I love all this. So you can be pretty sure that I will login aften again some day. I just did need a downtime now. But be sure I will enjoy the time on the computer if autunum or at least winter is starting. Its in my opinion the best time for my own creativity.. I will relax a lot of time again with Second Life then. Yes you could say autunm or winter is my personal gaming time. I love it!

So hope you all had much fun too.. nevermind if with Second Life or Real Life..

If there is anything new in Second Life i should defenetly know.. yea just let me know here. 🙂

Have a great time you all! 🙂

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