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I like it, I like it not..? New SL Marketplace.. my thoughts.

Usually I am one of these persons who dislike everything that is affected by changes. Or in short: I hate changes.
In almost the same manner it was pretty sure why I did freak out when heard that Xstreet SL will be transformed to something which is called Second Life Marketplace. Yea New Second Life Marketplace.

Indeed I was one person of many who worried about that. I thought why there is need for so much changes?


Today I updated some of my core products on the new marketplace. And after editing 3 products I started to acclimatize with the new way how to manage products there and so.

I must say that I now start to like the new design.. Yes me! The evil hater of all changes.. I like it now!?

Yea the way how I can edit all the products is pretty good. Guess its just a matter of habituation.

I like that you can link one product to another. Or link to a demo. This is good I thought and I use it now.

What makes me sad is the fact that they did remove this “Peoples who bought this product, bought these products too…” Feature. Im not sure but this was another good way to get some visitors.. yea visitors other creators as well.

But at least I am overall much more happy with it then in the past. Had already some sales but not much. Main sales still come from Xstreet SL. But when they close it down.. I hope those sales will be on the new Market too.

Just my “changed” thoughts on that.

2 responses

  1. I would be a lot happier with the new Marketplace had the migration not completely screwed up fully half of my 500 listings so badly that I can’t fix them at all without screwing up the Xstreet listings which are working perfectly.

    Also, .bmp will no longer be supported, so I have to convert all my images and resize them as well. 😦 Im afraid to touch anything to try and fix it on the new marketplace for fear of ruining my Xstreet listings.

    August 25, 2010 at 8:27 am

  2. Agree its a lot of work.. lots of my stuff screwed up to expsecialy because I did use lot of BBCode on Xstreet. So I had to remove all those BBCode lines on the new Marketplace coz it was looking horrible.. peoples would see now the code. But Im lucky I just have round about 120 products..

    I just finished my core products. With your 500 products yea this is sad and much work then. Hugs..

    Im so sorry for you.

    Even if I acclimatized with the fact that we soon have to use the new marketplace anyway.. I also wish there wouldt be such changes.. Xstreet was ok and enough for us.

    However.. We cant do anything then fix all our products.

    Hope you get your things sorted. 🙂

    August 25, 2010 at 10:32 am

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