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Malicious Joy, Jealousy and so much more. Kid.. Choke on it! (Emerald)

Second Life Kiddys<<— “Emerals is Gone !! (YaY)” These kind of Topics I found yesterday and today in differend Second Life related Forums. And I really ask myself what kind of Person you must be if you have so much malicious joy, jealousy and hate in your Heart. Its pretty amousing if I read those babyish Peoples who  wants to share ther spitefulness.

Right. Fact is that a huge amount of Second Life Users is now unhappy because ther favorite Viewer is History soon. They are Peoples who did decide for Emerald because the matter of Taste. Because there subjective Feeling is that it is the best Viewer. I am one of these Person who did use Emerald because it had Tons of Features which I cant find on a single other TPV.

As I said, Indeed it is a matter of Taste. Its all about Flavor. I wont say that other TPV´s are bad. I just say that for my requirments, Emerald was the best Viewer. Otherwise I wouldnt have used it for a so long time.

So now all these childish Peoples come out of there Corners and rejoice in there own mischievousness. And you know what? Those Peoples with pretty low requirements will soon see: “He who laughs last laughs loudest”. You really believe that Peoples now will go over to SLV 2.0? I dont think so. First of all Peoples like me will login with Emerald as long as possible. Which means so long if Emerald dont get access to the grid anymore because of LL. After this they probably will find another TPV instead of using 2.0 Viewer.

And its right.. Every “End” is a “Beginning”. Someday there will be another complex Viewer like Emerald. Indeed maybe this Codebase will be used to produce a new similar Viewer. Emergence is an example but nobody knows if this Viewer will be refined in the long run. But you can be sure there will be an alternative with the same amount of Features then Emerald has. Some Peoples will take the Code and improve it and make a new Viewer out of it (Sure without malicios code). Thats say “This is indeed not the End”. This is not how the World is turning. And let me see if these snotty littles still enjoy there malicious joy. Now I just can hope that these Trolls choke on the own gloating. Oh noes.. Did I curse now too?

However, Let these  little Drama-Queens and Drama-Kings choke on the own sounds of levity.

Have a nice day 🙂

PS: Get an impression what other Peoples think. Read all comments here: The End

14 responses

  1. V

    Emerald devs broke the law, they should have been banned a long time ago. Other viewers besides emerald and 2.0 exist. There’s absolutely no reason why LL would want to force you to use a viewer you don’t even pay for. Those are the facts, sorry.

    September 2, 2010 at 2:27 pm

  2. I didnt say that LL forcing me to anything. I did mention these forum trolls who are now full of schadenfreude.

    September 2, 2010 at 2:31 pm

  3. annotoole

    you can get most of what you had in Imprudence. Or the Emergence viewer that is Emerald without the hacking crap.

    I’ve upgraded to v2 code base and am not going back. All the crap about how horrid is just luddite resistance. I use Kirstens. It is like drugs for your eyes. There is no going back to a hokey looking viewer.

    As for hacking? LL has not had the “black hats” removed from the internet. They are the ones very likely to get some schadenfreude in the near future.

    September 2, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    • Ok Ann thanks for this suggestion. Lot of peoples suggest me Emergence already. But some Peoples said that Greg propaply wont update Emergence regulary. I will defenetly try it out. But I also hope that this Viewer maybe gets updated time by time. THis would be really great.

      September 2, 2010 at 3:55 pm

  4. I loved Emerald at one point until I heard the rumors, and slowly got evidence against them, until this happen and the public could see how they were.

    Emerald itself is a great viewer, but the source code is out there, and anyone can re make the Emerald Viewer, who is responsible to run such a product, and change the name, simple as that. Also there is still an old version of SL Available for download by Linden Lab, you don’t have to use Viewer 2 it’s under their download page.

    My only problems with Emerald.
    1. The illegally onyx bots that logged IP address without consent, and was used to data mine.
    2. Skills Hak’s CDS which was suppose to be a separate project, but he continued not to remove my data when asked, which was being stored, and in violation of LL privacy police because I had never made a purchase from this user, under their TOS/PP he had no right.

    If Emerald wanted or wants my support or trust they can start by removing my name off their CDS data base, and stop lying to the public about things, I personally do not care what they have done as long as they are 100% honest about such even if they just was there and watched illegal actions done by fractured, and fix their system, and viewer to honor our privacy with no more data farming without asking consent when entering a region, as it is violation of LL Privacy Policy, we did not buy a product from them, and we were data farmed, and information was stored even on those who did not use Emerald. At first I was 100% supportive of Emerald, when they started these projects, and I was like this is great news, but when their system flagged friends from 2006 who were not copybotters and just used Emerald it brought up issues for us. There is only one copybotter I know and they have been in SL since 2007 ripping crap from creators, which I personally Hate that person, and unlike CDS I have actual proof of them supporting & helping it, as I have scanned their avatars UUIDS, and matched back to the creators data, and information by hand. Also if Emerald Developers want to stick additional software into their viewer or code to do with other projects its their responsibility to tell the users in a privacy policy which is viewed upon installing the viewer.
    List of Emerald wrongs.

    1. Woodbury Attacks.
    2. The data mine coverup.
    3. The Emkdu
    4. Onyx
    5. CDS data mine
    6. The attempted DDOS attack?

    They have done quite a number of things wrong, and they expect me to ever trust them. Over all I will say that the viewer is good, but the team of developers needs to go. I don’t trust Skills Hak, and until him and his friends are 100% removed + my demand for removal of all data from their system, and asking consent before scanning people or giving a warning is added. I am not going to back down on Emerald with the wrongs, as they have done a lot of damage, and it has ruined the reputation of Second Life, and LL does not like that so they decide to take action.

    P.S And just for the record, CDS does not protect Creators. I have almost every copybot viewer tested on the net, and ways to bring down Linden Lab + ruin every creator, They cant IP Lock me, and they cant hardware ban me as I can be just like JCool/Fractured. Of course I would not do this because I love our Creators, but I am simply listing here that this is an option, and if not by me by others who constantly threaten SL. If LL wants to stop this they need to restrict keys from being used in scripts of anyone’s to prevent texture theft, and other thefts. However those who target me in any way in Second Life will pay sooner or later, I will have ur head on my dinner table. Oh yeah, and I have blocked Skills Hak’s Spyware from my PC 100% now, but this wont remove my info already illegally stored.

    September 2, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    • I agree. Thats all what I want to say too. Emerald is/was a great Viewer. My Favorite one. But indeed the Devs did Produce a lot of Drama and Bullshit with these malicios stuff.

      So I also would blame the Emerald Team for that. But I still would say that I did enjoy my time with the Emerald Viewer in Second Life. Its just that the Emerald Team gave us these Problems now.

      September 2, 2010 at 3:56 pm

  5. Mistletoe

    I agree with Jayd3n’s statement; I too loved Emerald and was very unwilling to believe what was being said. I wanted to believe that it was a LL conspiracy to “destroy the competition” too. But, like Jayd3n, I researched and gathered evidence and saw that no matter what I wish was true about Emerald, here is what IS true, by their own admission.

    As for childish behavior and schadenfreude, I’ve seen plenty of it on both sides.

    September 2, 2010 at 4:02 pm

  6. Yep. Same here. First I wanted to blame LL for it too. And sadly I did.

    After reading a lot I started to understand the whole drama too. The Emerald Team did destroy what we did like.

    September 2, 2010 at 4:12 pm

  7. While I agree that ‘Emerald is Gone!! (YAY)’ is a pointless, trolling and unnecessarily dramatic title for a thread that helps no-one, I don’t think this thread title is any better either:

    Customer Petition: Please Replace 2.0 with Emerald

    Both threads completely miss the point and just cause more drama.

    Fact of the matter is Emerald is gone and they only have themselves to blame for that. Some of the devs may come back with a new viewer, who knows. However, i’d much rather the sensible Emerald devs contribute to the Snowstorm Project instead to help develop code that everyone can use.

    As an aside. I see far too much “everyone hates Viewer 2.0 and LL should make the official viewer like Emerald” comments, which is a complete falsehood. Many people like Viewer 2. Many people Like(d) Emerald, many people like other viewers. The whole ‘Viewer Wars’ thing is old, tired and pointless. People need to get over it and recognise that not everyone wants the same thing from a viewer, but that the best way to address that is a viewer that is more configurable to everyone’s needs. Something which *could* come out of the Snowstorm Project if people are prepared to put their drama and prejudices aside.

    September 2, 2010 at 4:43 pm

  8. Well Suella. In fact there are many Peoples who want something similar to Emerald. And 2.0 is not so popular. Im pretty sure that much more peoples use Emerald then 2.0. Thats at least what I see inworld. Everywhere green Viewer tags.

    So I think my Thread is not that bad. It is a suggestion to Linden Lab that they should listen what Users doing expect from a Viewer. They could add some good Features.

    So more Thread is more of a suggestion then a complain.

    And if I read all the other Users there, I guess im not alone with my opinion.

    I agree that these “Viewer Wars” are not good. But they could end if Linden Lab would give us an Viewer which fits to the needs of Newbies but it should have an advanced option for all the long time residents.

    And sorry that I say so but the Viewer 2.0 was a very bad idea. I use Software for decades now. And my impression is that Viewer 2.0 dont has usability or flexibility.

    Several Users said that and its sadly true.
    This software is hard to handle.

    I think there is a difference between “flaming” and “wishing improvements”.

    I agree maybe my Threadtitel was also a bit bad choosen.

    But its just because I cant understand that a Company is not listening to there Communitybase.

    There is also a difference between saying “I did try Viewer 2.0 and I dislike the usability” and saying “Emerald Project is Dead.. YAY”.

    The first thing is Feedback. Feedback is importend for companys. And LL got a lot of negative Feedback right.. but if its true? Thats how lot of Peoples feel. Its just Feedback. The Second saying is “flaming” and “Schadenfreude”.

    I wouldnt say that suggesting to adopt the flexibility of Emerald is something like “Schadenfreude”.

    But yes your right.. How I did choose my Threadtitel over there, was maybe a bad Idea.

    Bad my first post there.. with regard to contents of this Topic is exactly how I think.

    I wish a Viewer where I feel positiv usability and flexibility. And my subjective Feeling is that Viewer 2.0 dont has that.

    And another subjective feeling is that I am not alone with this opinion.

    Indeed its all a matter of taste.. but thats might be the Problem and cause those “Wars”.

    At least I hope we all will be anyhow happy with what we use.

    I am just a bit unhappy right now that my favorite Viewer is gone. And thought its sad when peoples scream “YaY” now even if they never used Emerald. Just because of Schadenfreude. 😦

    Aside I did use Viewer 2,0. I did try it which make my Statement to Feedback, a suggestion and nothing else.

    But so much differend opinions on that. I anywayhope we all get some Peace soon.


    September 2, 2010 at 5:36 pm

  9. Emerald was the best viewer for builders and not only. Let’s not forget the temporary loading of images and other stuff that made it so useful. Well LL thought this is a good way to earn more “clients” for their “browser”. I am now using emergence and i have also tried imprudence, yet i do prefer the first one.
    Have a nice day 😀

    September 3, 2010 at 7:33 pm

  10. Hi Diana.

    Yes the temporary loading of Textures was really one of these great Features and is a very good example.

    I did install Emergence today too and I´m happy that it is the Emerald Code. Its absolut similar.

    I now just really hope that LordGregGreg will update Emergence often so that we can enjoy out favorite Viewer for a long time. 🙂

    Have a nice day too 🙂

    September 3, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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