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SL Marketplace Listing Enhancement Performance

I did add a Listing Enhancement for one of my Products on the Second Life Marketplace. I did add a “Landing Page Enhancement” to my DJ Booth for Clubs because this was one of my Topsellers on the good old Xstreet. So I thought this Object would sell on the new SL Marketplace every bit as it sold on Xstreet if I activate the Enhancement. I payed L$999 for 30 days and here are my Results after two Weeks activated Enhancement:


last day/week/month – 124 / 3388 / 4793

Click Throughs:

last day/week/month – 0 / 2 / 3

Thats pretty bad compared to the Click Throughs and Sales I had on Xstreet. I should rather say that the SL Marketplace Performance on this Product is crappy compared to the same Product on Xstreet.

What does that mean? Do peoples still use Xstreet more likely? Thats at least my impression because there is nothing to say about my Product. As I said… on Xstreet it was my Bestseller with activated Enhancements.

I wont activate any new Enhancement on SL Marketplace until Xstreet is closed as it seems to be that peoples stil shopping more likely on Xstreet. And I guess I´m not wrong here.

Let me see how it will be until Xstreet is closed. For now I can say that these Enhancements on the new Marketplace arent profitable for my Products. But they was in the past on Xstreet.

I hope the Time will heal.

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  1. Abel Undercity

    Marketplace gives me the impression that LL took an “it ain’t broke, so let’s fix it!” approach to online sales. I work for an SL boxing gym, and when I entered “boxing” as a search term after moving all of our products over, the page was full of… items that were boxed.

    It feels like they just took the inworld search engine, the one residents have been screaming to be fixed forever, and applied it to the website.

    I don’t feel this bodes well.

    September 23, 2010 at 1:26 pm

  2. I agree. This is a big problem too. The search gives you horrible results too.

    I tryed to search for the word “neko” and how can it be that I find zyngo mashines, a tent, shoes, hair and so?

    One thing I can imagine is.. peoples now gain traffic with the “product tag” system.

    Seems that peoples tagging prefabs as neko and fashion..

    So the problem you mentioned is there.. I agree.

    September 23, 2010 at 1:54 pm

  3. There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not you will have a good experience with the SL Marketplace.

    For starters, you have to understand that it is NOTHING like XStreet. You have to go through and edit EVERY product you have to make it SL Marketplace worthy. Add info to the “Product Features” and especially the new keywords field.

    You have to choose the appropriate type of feature for your product. I have one of each kind running for one of my products (I did this to test the differences in each). So far, all seem to be doing well.

    But you need to understand what impressions means. Impressions is how many times it was seen – not how many times it was actually viewed. So it’s likely people are looking for something else in that category, but your product was featured on that page. That doesn’t mean they were looking for what you have to offer. So you have to be very careful about what category you feature it on.

    September 23, 2010 at 3:15 pm

  4. Well I featured it at club and recreatemt or so. I think this should be right as I try to reach club owners.

    On xstreet I featured it as “homepage advanced” and sold round abour 15 a month which gave me an income of round about 13k – 14k L$.

    I think the main reason was because it was market bold if you was typing in “dj booth”. It also was on one of the very first positions then.

    On the SL Marketplace it is still very hight but not bolt. And very bad click through.

    I also checked out other methods for 1 week.

    Well but I guess I also should make more experiments with other features for 1 week.

    Imo my inworld marketing forum campaign is better.

    September 23, 2010 at 3:57 pm

  5. One that is for sure with the New Marketplace alot of the search results can be controlled by the merchant. It is up to us to put in the correct keywords for our products that most likely our customers would be using. This is definitely very time consuming but it definitely, makes a difference. After loading my products I did sample searches and I came up pretty consistently.

    In the old Xstreet the factors for search were basically the product title, the category it was assigned and the description. With the New Marketplace for every product you enter there is a field where you can add additonal keyword search terms. This is a feature that should not be overlooked.

    September 23, 2010 at 9:10 pm

  6. Yea you said that: “It is up to us to put in the correct keywords for our products that most likely our customers would be using.”

    But I did notice already it seems that some merchants already abuse this system without problem.

    Its really a problem that tags can be abused.

    So yes.. it is up to us to put in the correct keywords. Bad sadly some peoples wont. They abuse it. 😦

    September 24, 2010 at 5:46 pm

  7. costess young

    Hello Darcy,

    Costess young here. ive noticed the same thing. Listing Enhancements havent contributed to an grow in views, clicks or eventually sales. I also tried some Enhancements on the category page, but so far not that good results.

    As some stated the system is very different from xstreetsl. the google search index is used now, which gives us the chance to choose some of our own keywords. Being an online media adviser in rl and working with google paid advertising i have experience with that.

    For this you can try the different tools we use in rl for websites, such as de google keywords tool, google density tool and google wonderwheel. Big difference with rl is, that i can buy as many keywords as i like and i can see the perfomance of every keyword.
    This way you can easily see which keywords are perfoming well and which one you should dump. In the marketplace your bound to an maximum of characters

    problem with the current marketplace is that an lot of listings still havent updated and use tags in the descriptions, and second they use tags which dont have any relevance.

    I hope linden will make sure these tags/keywords arent grabed by the spider they use. Then we will eventually see products coming up in search which are relevant to searches.

    Also asking customers to fill detail reviews will help.

    Last what i would like very much is more options with the enhancements, such as the possibily to advertise next to other products which have an high relevance to my products but not competing. Such as advertising next to club listings, or on the checkout page of an customer who just boughed an club building.

    Love to hear your thoughes.

    Kind regards
    Costess Young

    September 25, 2010 at 4:44 pm

  8. Hi Costess

    I think we really should start to monitor this when xstreet is closing in october. I think the biggest problem imo is that our customers are shared to two differend platforms now.. Xstreet and the new Marketplace. I think if you activate an enhancement now.. it will be activated at the new marketplace but not on xstreet. WHat I guess here.. we only reach the half of all sl-web-shoppers atm.

    Thanks for the info that now the google search index is used for the marketplace. I really didnt know about that.

    I really like your enhancement ideas. This would be really an improvement. If we could more define all this in detail, we really could reach an exact clientele.

    I think the “amazon marketplace” is similar to your idea. When I buy a book with a fantasy story.. I usual get notifications that there are more fantasy books or games.. maybe movies and so. They show me on the front page stuff which is related to things I did already buy. This is a good method to sell more product of the same category and I think it is working.

    Customer gets what he/she want. Merchant can be sure that there stuff is only offered to peoples who bought similar products.. or products which are related to the customer flavor.

    As you said.. advertise near products with same relevance then the products we offer.

    I think our ideas are great and I hope too that the Lindes come to these ideas.

    They should really copy some concepts from marketplace companys with success. Amazon has pretty awesome features for both.. The customer and the merchant. Ebay is an great example for good features too.

    There are already much concepts out there. Some of these Features could be used very well for the SL Marketplace.

    Thanks for your input and great ideas Costess. Hope you have a nice day/night, where ever you are in the world. 🙂

    September 25, 2010 at 5:21 pm

  9. I must have looked at this post before… I just lost my money using these “Enhancements” on the new marketplace.

    November 8, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    • I think its to early to use them as some peoples still are shopping on xstreet. At least now I had some positiv and some negativ sales from the enhancements.

      I think it just depends on the category you advertise in. And also on the items and if there is enough demand to this kind of items.

      November 14, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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