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Why Warhammer failed and why SWTOR will fail too…

Found a Blogpost of a EA employee who will be dismissed from Bioware Mythic during the next round of layoffs EA coming this November. Im not sure if it is true what this person is writing but at least lots of his words sounds true in my opinion.

Here you can read on: Why Warhammer failed

New Phoenix Viewer Custom UI online!

Minimal Blue UII told you in one of my latest Blogpost that I worked on a Phoenix Viewer UI modification.

This UI is called Minimalistic (Blue) and you can download it now direct out of your Phoenix Viewer.

Just open your settings and go to the UI options. Click on “get more” and choose “Minimalistic” and then “Blue” if you want to try that new UI out.


Phoenix Server was effected by a Distributed Denial Of Service Attack!

Today I´ve got this Group Notice out of the Phoenix Support Group:

Group Notice From: Phoenix Viewer Support

It looks like our server was effected by a Distributed Denial Of Service Attack at some point over night. This attack seems to have been effecting thousands of servers across the Internet. We have reset the server now and it seems to be back up and running ok. If you logged in during that time, and were unable to see the login screen graphic, you may want to relog now to get your viewer set up again with viewer tag colors etc. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Jessica Lyon

So this gives me a reason for speculation. Who could have interest to DoS-Attack the Phoenix Viewer? I mean… after all the Emerald Drama I only can think in one direction. Maybe peoples who are now banned from Second Life and maybe because they are still pissed that a similar Viewer called Phoenix Viewer stays alive? Anyhow I only can imagine that Arabella Steadham´s DramaTeam was behind the DoS-Attack. But its only my guess. Im not sure about this.

However.. seems that everything is ok now. But it gives reasons for speculation or?


Betatest and adjustment of my Custom UI Skin Files

I told you in “this Blogpost” that I did create a custom UI Skin for the Phoenix Viewer. Now I had a response from LordGregGreg and if I am finished with everything I can email him the files and things start rolling.

So I told him that I will monitor my own UI Skin for a while now. I think I will monitor it for a Week while I play Second Life. I think thats the way how I can make some adjustment if I find anything strange in the UI.. yea I would call it betatest on my own. But at the moment I didnt find anything strange. But better using it one week so that I did explore every single menu. Its a measure of precaution so that I dont send out a UI Skin with failure.

But everything seems that this Skin will be one of the alternative Phoenix Viewer UI´s in the future. At least you might be able to choose this one then in your option panel.

That makes me happy. The Phoenix Viewer gives me so much fun with Second Life and now I am able to give something back to this awesome Team which is responsible for it that this great Third Party Viewer stays alive.

I also noticed that they all are very friendly. Thats cool!

Ok I am back to work now.

From 7th December.. Second Life brake for World of Warcraft Cataclysm?

Miyo in WoW Today I´ve got an Email that the World of Warcraft Expansion called Cataclysm will be released on 7th December this Year. I talked already with some friends and everybody will play that game for a period of some month or maybe more. We even did play World of Warcraft but lately it became extremely bored for me as I had already all what I can get for my Character and anyhow I did see everything ingame. But with Cataclysm there are lot of changes incoming which means that it wont be bored for me anymore. It will be a new adventure for me and much fun to play again with my friends from Germany.

I will bring my lovely and evil Horde Icemage (Bloodelve) which I play already since over 3 Years, to level 85.When we reach the Levelcap, we probably will once again play “Player versus Player” most of our time. Every now and then we will visit Raids too. Thats our gameplay procedure in short.

Anyhow I like all the teamplay in World of Warcraft. Its a game which can bring lot of fun if you play it with your real life friends. But I also did meet new Peoples in this game.

And what I really like, is the fact that this time when I will play World of Warcraft, will give me new creativity and ideas so that I can come back to Second Life when World of Warcraft Cataclysm starts to get bored. Backwards it is the same. This is how I get my variety.

Second Life alone cant occupy me a complete Year. World of Warcraft cant do that too. Rotational, both give me variety.

So yea… it might be that I will write about my adventures in World of Warcraft in December too. I even thought about why I only blog about Second Life when I have so much more other activitys as well? Might be that I write about other topics as well in the future. But I am not sure at this point.

So what about you? Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Do you still play? Will you hold a Second Life brake when Cataclysm is released? Feel free to comment here.


“minimalblue”, a new alternative Phoenix Viewer UI Skin? Maybe…

Today I was bored and searched a new activity. While I did reading the Phoenix Viewer Wiki, I found there a short but good understandable Guide called “Custom UI Skins”. I never thought I would create an custom UI for a Viewer but as I was bored I did give it a try.

First of all it was a lot of orientation, training and as they wrote in the Guide “Trial and error rocks!”. I agree at this point and I had a lot of fun with it.

So I would like to introduce you in the result:


(You can click on this screenshot to load it maximized)

As I wasnt sure if peoples will like this custom UI, I thought I could ask in the Phoenix Viewer Support Group and then I´ve got positiv Feedback which made me happy.

Someone wrote me I should introduce this UI Skin to Jessica Lyon from the Phoenix Viewer Team. And I did so..

Talk with Jessica

Seems that they like it so as she said I did contact LordGregGreg but he was offline. So now I wait for a reply but I am still pretty happy about this day. Sometimes a bored day can really end in a day full of creativity. Sometimes you just have to go new ways and learn new stuff.  🙂


So if I understand it right, they would add this new UI Skin to the next release but I will see what LordGregGreg will say if he reply. If it will be in the next release as alternative UI, then I am happy, that I could give something back to this wonderful Viewer and this great Team which supply us with this awesome awesome Viewer. 🙂

At least I would like to add this Poll to ask if you like this UI..


How to use Phoenix Viewer, Firestorm Viewer or any other TPV with xfire!

I know some of us use the xfire Tool beside the games we play as this is the easiest way to make screenshots, videos and upload it fast without trouble. In addition xfire lets us broadcast our online activity if we want to, on a very easy way. So for sure we want to use this Tool with Second Life as well. But the main problem is that xfire only supports the official Second Life Client. Lately a friend asked me howto add a third party viewer like the Phoenix Viewer to xfire (Indeed this is probably working with all other TPV´s). And I thought this is something which could interest other peoples as well. If you still dont know whats xfire for, just see what Torley wrote about this wonderful Tool here. Or take a look at the Official Xfire Website.

I will explain how to add the Phoenix Viewer to xfire. As I said it is probably working with all other Third Party Viewers. I tested it also withFirestorm Viewer. If you noticed it´s working with any other TPV you use, then feel free to add a comment here and name the Viewer and mention that it worked too.)

First I need to say it is much more simple then you can imagine:

1. First of all we go to our Phoenix Viewer directory. There we look for the file called “PhoenixViewer.exe” (in some releases it is just called phoenix.exe) and rename it to “SecondLife.exe”. (Indeed, if you use another Second Life Third Party Viewer, you must locate the right Viewer exe)

2. We open our xfire client and go to “Tools” on the top of the xfire working box and there we go to the options panel:

Xfire Options Panel3. Here we open the “games” Tab:

Xfire Games Tab4. Now if Second Life is not in the list on the right site, we just have to find Second Life in the “Not installed” List. If Second Life is already in the List of “installed Games” you just have to click on it.

5. Change Second Life from “Automatically Detect” to “Manual Detect” and set the “Detect Path” by click on “Browse” to your renamed “SecondLife.exe” in your Phoenix Viewer Folder.

6. The final step is to click on “Apply” to save this settings.

Now just make a new shortcut on your desktop to your SecondLife.exe in your Phoeniox Viewer directory, start the Phoenix Viewer and have fun using xfire with Second Life together. 🙂

This is the way how xfire will accept Phoenix Viewer as the Second Life client and after all this, xfire will detect the hours you played Second Life and you will be able to take Screenshots, Videos and upload them to the xfire Webspace. Or if you like to broadcast your activity online.. now you can do everything with your Phoenix Viewer what is offered by xfire! 🙂

Have fun.

Phoenix Viewer released!

Jessica Lyon posted on her Blog that a new Version of the Phoenix Viewer is released. You can download the Phoenix Viewer here. And here is the Changelog.

I could flip out!

Yes I could flip out now! Its just one week ago when I did adjust every Item on the New SL Marketplace. Today I noticed that the Item description changed to the old description from Xstreet. This means I can do all the work again and adjust every single Item on the new marketplace again. Yea I flip out right now and I get angry about Linden Lab. I think I wont change anything again now until Xstreet died. Its just annoying.. things are still messed up and I am sure this could happen again and again until Xstreet died. Linden Lab´s data transmissions are a joke too. Cant the system notice that your items has been transfered to the new marketplace already? Is this to difficult to realize Linden Lab? What a bunch of incompetent coder they are. I cant believe it. Sorry for my pissed blogpost but I did need to write this trouble out of my head. And now I feel better. Ok let me be relaxed now 😀