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I could flip out!

Yes I could flip out now! Its just one week ago when I did adjust every Item on the New SL Marketplace. Today I noticed that the Item description changed to the old description from Xstreet. This means I can do all the work again and adjust every single Item on the new marketplace again. Yea I flip out right now and I get angry about Linden Lab. I think I wont change anything again now until Xstreet died. Its just annoying.. things are still messed up and I am sure this could happen again and again until Xstreet died. Linden Lab´s data transmissions are a joke too. Cant the system notice that your items has been transfered to the new marketplace already? Is this to difficult to realize Linden Lab? What a bunch of incompetent coder they are. I cant believe it. Sorry for my pissed blogpost but I did need to write this trouble out of my head. And now I feel better. Ok let me be relaxed now 😀

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