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From 7th December.. Second Life brake for World of Warcraft Cataclysm?

Miyo in WoW Today I´ve got an Email that the World of Warcraft Expansion called Cataclysm will be released on 7th December this Year. I talked already with some friends and everybody will play that game for a period of some month or maybe more. We even did play World of Warcraft but lately it became extremely bored for me as I had already all what I can get for my Character and anyhow I did see everything ingame. But with Cataclysm there are lot of changes incoming which means that it wont be bored for me anymore. It will be a new adventure for me and much fun to play again with my friends from Germany.

I will bring my lovely and evil Horde Icemage (Bloodelve) which I play already since over 3 Years, to level 85.When we reach the Levelcap, we probably will once again play “Player versus Player” most of our time. Every now and then we will visit Raids too. Thats our gameplay procedure in short.

Anyhow I like all the teamplay in World of Warcraft. Its a game which can bring lot of fun if you play it with your real life friends. But I also did meet new Peoples in this game.

And what I really like, is the fact that this time when I will play World of Warcraft, will give me new creativity and ideas so that I can come back to Second Life when World of Warcraft Cataclysm starts to get bored. Backwards it is the same. This is how I get my variety.

Second Life alone cant occupy me a complete Year. World of Warcraft cant do that too. Rotational, both give me variety.

So yea… it might be that I will write about my adventures in World of Warcraft in December too. I even thought about why I only blog about Second Life when I have so much more other activitys as well? Might be that I write about other topics as well in the future. But I am not sure at this point.

So what about you? Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Do you still play? Will you hold a Second Life brake when Cataclysm is released? Feel free to comment here.


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