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My SL Marketplace Sales Charts for November

1. Heart&Love Tipjar with Config Notecard for Clubs (BoxedFull)

2. Professional DJ Booth with Turntable, Audio Mixer, DJ Animation, Speakers, Keyboard! DJ Gear for Clubs!

3. Miyo’s Rave Hand Glow Stix Green. Ultra cool glowys.. (glowy)

4. Miyo’s Romantic Candle Decor for your Sweet Home. Place it on a table for example 🙂

5. -DD- Club Skybox Structure and building 30×30 with 47 Prim with modern design BOXED

6. Miyo’s Rave Hand Glow Stix Red. Ultra cool glowys.. (glowy)

7. DJ Animation! Producer Animation! Hot DJ Anim for your Club!

8. Miyo’s Rave Hand Glow Stix Yellow. Ultra cool glowys.. (glowy)

9. -DD- Club & Mall Building 30m x 30m 96 Prim Edition BOXED

10. Miyo’s Rave Hand Glow Stix Dark Blue

11. -DD- Darcy Designs DildoDanceStaves Pink . Ultra cool glowys.. (glowy)

12. Random chat announcer with configuration notecard

13. -DD- Music Producer and DJ Notebook BOXED

14. Miyo’s Dance Rave Hand Glow Stix All Color Box

15. Computer Black Extreme PC with Picture Swap by Touch /Desktop Computer!

16. -DD-Club Wireless Subwoofer Triple Power Tunes BOX

17. Asian Tea and Garden House / japanis, chinese, asian, thai style structure for the garden (teahouse)

18. Miyo’s Rave Hand Glow Stix Pink

19. Miyo’s Rave Hand Glow Stix White

20. Miyo’s Rave Hand Glow Stix Light Blue

So here is my top sold SL Marketplace Produkt for November 2010:

Heart&Love Tipjar with Config Notecard for Clubs (BoxedFull)

Heart&Love Tipjar

Less time for Second Life

Yea atm I really dont have much time for Second Life. So this is one of the reason why you wont see me inworld often and why this blog here is not much updated.

The main thing is that I will play World of Warcraft Cataclysm much with my friends this December and the beginning of the next year.

I also wont expand my inworld land rental. Anyway over 90% of my SL income comes from browserbased marketplaces like SL Marketplace.

So my land wasnt that much rentable anyway. However.. I also do not have the time to manage stuff inworld now.

It could be that I will be back with a new projects next year. Depends if I find funny new ideas. But my business is still running on SL Marketplace. And that is the place where I sell without much to do.

So hope to see all my friends from Second Life some day again. Im sure we will meet up again. I just need some time for other stuff now.

So long.. have much fun and tell me about anything new. I still get emails from 2ndhub.. or if you write me inworld. That means that I am not fully lost in RL 😛 Indeed I will login time by time.

See ya soon 🙂

Latest Poll and the famous question “What Viewer do you use?”

There is a new survey from a SL Universe Member. Its about the famous question “What kind of Viewer do you use to login Second Life?”

It would be great if you participate in this Poll here:

What kind of Viewer do you use for Second Life?