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What kind of Groups did you join in Second Life and why?

Today I cleaned the List of Second Life Groups I am in. So I had to ask my self for each Group why this Group could still be useful for me in the Future.

Then I came to the idea to write a little Blogpost about that Topic. So here comes a List of Groups I´m in and I would like to suggest. I would be happy if you leave a comment here as well. Maybe you have some Groups you want to suggest too and maybe you think that you are in some Groups which are defenetly worth to join.

So here comes my List….

“College of Scripting Music Science” That Group helped me out several times when I had Questions about Second Life scripting. If you are scripter in SL or somone who want to learn scritping, you should join. This Community is very friendly and there is open Groupchat where you can ask your LSL related Questions. A very cooperatively Group of Peoples.

“Builder’s Brewery” This Group is for Builder. You can share Informations or ask for help. Its for beginner but also for experienced Builders. You also will be informed there about Lessons and Classes and other helpful Meet-Ups.

“Builders Exchange” Same like above. A Group for Builders to share Informations or ask for help.

“Phoenix Viewer Support” I think I dont need descripe because the name says already everything. So join if you use the Phoenix Viewer.

“Housemusic All Night Long” A Group for those who want to find best House-, Electronic- and Minimal Partys. They inform you time by time via Groupchat or Notecard.

“SoNiC DoPeHeAdZ” Here again a Group for those who like to find Partys and Events with Electronical Music. Mostly Underground stuff as well.

“Club On Call” Thats a Group for Clubowner, Clubmanager and so to find peoples who need Job. You can place an offer in the Groupchat but you shouldn´t spam or advertise.. thats clear. Indeed this Group is also for Peoples who would like to find a Job. So they could ask in the Chat as well.

I am in some more Groups which are more privat or not worth to mention because they are my own 😛  So above.. that was my List which I would defenetly suggest.

What kind of Groups are your favorites? Any cool suggestions? Just write a comment here as it maybe could be helpful for other readers as well. Maybe for me too 🙂

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