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World of Warcraft Cataclysm is arrived yesterday!

So yesterday in the afternoon Amazon did deliver my World of Warcraft Cataclysm and finaly I was able to play the whole night! Hell.. that was fun! So this blogpost will be a really shot one because of my World of Warcraft addiction… 😛 I cant write a big blogpost about it.. there is really to much to do in Cataclysm and thats why I will start the game in the next minutes,

All I can say is thtat I already reached Level 81 and Im not far away from Level 82. I made round about one and a half Level yesterday. But you know what? Some peoples already reached the Levelcap 85 in 6 hours! Are they crazy? How do they do that? However,.. I do not want that stress while gaming. I take my time and enjoy the whole enviroment. Why should I play it like a race? There is just to much new stuff to visit and to explore. I want to enjoy it with time.

Ok but as I said.. I need to go back to World of Warcraft ingame now. So this blogpost is a short one.

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