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Is your blog really only about Second Life?

I just wonder how you handle it.. do you only write about Second Life related things in your blog? Or do you go off topic sometimes too?

I know its specifically if you write about one subject area..

But at the moment I think about getting a bit more generally with my blog. Today for example i wrote about games..

I just cant find everyday a topic about Second Life but sometimes I still want to write about anything else..

How do you handle it?

You still dont know about the Redzone Issues? Get informed here..

If you still dont know much about the Redzone Case, I suggest to look at MickeyETC´s blog because she did collect a bunch of important reference links about that Redzone topic.

What is your Top-Five-List of Computer Games and why?

Here is the list of my top five favorite games I usually love and play:

1. World of Warcraft ( For me this game is pretty relaxing and i can immerse in this world.. all my friends play it so I do too.)

2. Second Life (I love the creativity of all the peoples there.. I also like to be creative by my self there..)

3. Civilization IV (My brother did show me this game.. since then I install it from time to time and play some rounds!)

4. Battlefield 2 (yea my friends coerced me to play but today I love it and now we wait for Battlefield 3)

5. The Sims 3 (This game can be fun.. create your family and create your house.. I can spend hours with this game!)

How looks your top five and why do you play these games?


If you are DJ in Second Life, you definitely need this Notebook here!

Are you DJ in Second Life? Here is a stylish Notebook for you!

A DJ Notebook for your Second Life

This is a DJ and Producer Notebook (Laptop) for your Club. You can place this one on your DJ desk. A DJ booth needs a DJ notebook. With this notebook you get a Ableton Live Producer Screenshots, Vista, XP, Google, Bios and much more. So your club is looking more professional with this object.

This notebook comes with a picture and screen swap function. Yes you can change the pictures on the flat screen.

And there is one more special… you can put you own pictures in the notebook by drag them into the content and then you can use them directly on the display!

Yes then you can change and swap the screen to show friends your great screenshots or whatever pictures you have. Or just use the screens which are already in the content.

Its really easy to do.


– 3 Prims
– Realistic Object
– Ableton Live Screenshot
– Object Rules: Mod/Copy

So grab this one if you like!

DJ and Club Notebook on SL Marketplace

Battlefield 3 System Requirements revealed!

EDIT and Update: System Requirements are now really official revealed: Click here – Battlefield 3 System Requirments

Ok the heading of the blogpost is a lie. In fact the System Requirements for Battlefield 3 aren´t revealed now and that is my problem!

Long time ago I did play Battlefield 2 with all my friends but after that time we had a huge brake with ego shooter´s because we did play World of Warcaft most of our time then.

But few days ago I did get a phone call from one of my old friends and BF2 clan members.. he said “Hey cutie.. did you hear about BF 3 which will be released soon at autumn 2011?”…

He did continue.. “I did speak with all our old clan mates and most of them will play BF 3 because it wont be similar like that crap Bad Company 2.. it will be a real sequel of BF 2 and BF 2142!”

I must admit he infected me with his euphorias about the coming Battlefield 3.

Ok so I checked the internet if there are any System Requirements revealed but in fact they arent revealed yet. All what we know is that it will use the Frostbite 2 Engine.

So now I am not sure what to do.. here is my hardware equipment I use at the moment:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0GHz Dual-Core Prozessor PiB Sockel AM2 2x1024kByte L2-Cache 1000MHz FSB

RAM: Corsair TwinX 2 x 2GB CL5 with 5-5-5-18 XMS DDR2-800 RAM (4gb)

Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce Gainward GTS 250 with 512 mb

Mainboard: Gigabyte M56S-S3

OS: Windows 7

So I am not sure if this will be enough. Should I upgrade to a better videocard? I also could upgrade my 4gb Ram to 8gb Ram? I dont know if those games use 8gb.. Im not sure if this will be an improvement.

If I would need a new CPU.. Then I can buy a new mainboard because I cant use higher CPU`s then this with my mainboard.. Oh and if I would need a new mainboard.. then I also need new DDR3 Ram and that would cost me a lot all together.

So thats why I hope that upgrading will do it! Whats your opinion or suggestion? And what do you think will Battlefield 3 require? I would be happy if you leave a comment here. 🙂

EDIT: Since I was able to start the BETA of Battlefield 3, I can tell you that the game works on my system very very well without performance issues. The only change on my system is that I bought a Gainward GTX 570 Phantom. No FPS Problems. BF3 is running smooth on my system.

My Listing Enhancement Performance in month February on SLM

For all peoples who want to know how the Listing Enhancement works for other peoples, here is an example of 3 differend  Listing Enhancement on SL Marketplace with 3 differend Club Products in February (30 days Listing).:

Tip Jar: Demo: Feature this item on the L$0 cart checkout ads page (L$899 every 30 days)

Impressions last day/week/month: 211 / 2579 / 11179

Click Throughs last day/week/month: 0 / 0 / 15

Tip Jar Fullversion: Feature this item on the checkout receipt page (L$2,399 every 30 days)

Impressions last day/week/month: 702 / 8308 / 34689

Click Throughs last day/week/month: 0 / 0 / 11

DJ Booth: Feature this item on the home page (L$2,899 every 30 days)

Impressions last day/week/month: 206 / 2374 / 6702

Click Throughs last day/week/month: 2 / 8 / 29

As you can see I´ve got an overall click Through of 55 for three Products listed a whole Month and paid for it 6197 L$. I did not sell much more then without these Listing Enhancements. So if you ask me… Dont waste your money for it. At least if you selling Club Gear like me. I do not really know how these Enhancements work if you sell clothes.. I guess it is better then because of a bigger target group. SO I discourage you to use these Enhancement unless you sell mainstream stuff like clothes.

To many ideas but to tired to execute them.. I´m exhausted!

Last few days I did write down some new ideas for creations in Second Life.. I did start already to work on some of them but I did end. At the moment I cant finish anything.. there is lag of motivation but creativity is there. I dont understand it… oh and I am tired! Pretty tired! It must be the ongoing sudden change in weather here in north germany. Cold, warm, cold , warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold……….

Headache, tired… exhausted. It drives me nuts.

Again a funny insight in my Blogs Search Engine Terms…

Here are some of the funny search engine terms peoples type in google and found my blog:

– good keywords in second life marketplace

Good Keywords? Maybe you should first think about it if every good keyword would fit to your Product!

– how can i move my xstreet market place items up in search

Ask a Linden Staff if he can do it for you!

– how to rent adboards in sl

Just rent them! Ok I dont want to be bitchy.. Here is the solution: Right click.. pay.. drag your LM, Notecard and Picture over the board.

– manual for phoenix viewer

I suggest to read a manual for your Computer and Second Life first!

– what i did just hang around

Great! I do that too sometimes!

– sit out space near small waterchannel

I cant follow..

– head in the dj booth

I can imagine thats what some DJ´s do if they didnt get any tip!

– how to parcel a second life mall

What the heck?

– do the boobs move in the phoenix viewer for secondlife

oh my…

– can you use emerald in secondlife

counter question.. were you able to use it for another game? Or do you mean today? No today you cant use it anymore..

– latest poll question


– dos attack on our server wordpress 2010

And now you demand that google can undo this?

– online games that use phoenix viewer

That is a classic one, we already did discuss here.

It seems that some peoples like conversation with google.. well and others have some very clouded questions for google ready.

This post is again a request.. If you are blog writer.. tell me how did peoples find you.. tell me some funny things.. I know we did do it already here but that is some time ago and maybe you have some new funny things found in your dashboard stats?

Another new Tip Jar for Second Life

Ok today I did finish my little Goldpot Tip Jar for Second Life Clubs and other Business in SL. I did set the starting price to 250L$ and I´m still not sure if this is ok. Great is that this Tip Jar has a Config Notecard where you can change some settings, which I will descripe under the next picture.  However, here are the Details about the Tip Jar:

Prims = 5
Permissions = copy, modify

Here is what you can change in the config notecard:

– ownerpercentage

– maxrangesensor

– Text of the Tipjar

– Text for the messages

– Textcolor

You can change many settings on the notecard. Its easy

Greetings… Darcy Designs 🙂

Cute and Trendy

I am a big fan of cats and a friend did suggest me yesterday to read something. It looks like there is a new cute and trendy cat breed. The Lykoi cat, as the original breeders call them. The problem is that it is hard to find a Lykoi cat for sale at the moment as there is much more demand than available cats due to the fact that the original breeders want to create genetic diversity and a healthy breed first, understandably.

But if you are interested in cats, then you should read about this subject. You might want to ask Google for images of this cute new breed. They are really awesome cute, so take a look! This is an interesting subject. Hope they will be established soon. I guess I could not resist to get one if they were available in my country. I also think that they will be very trendy soon. Also it might be a good idea to mention that there is no magic involded as they are a new natural occuring breed which means it is a natural mutation but as I do understand, they work on it to establish the breed. This might take some time but it is already very interesting to read about this subject. I could imagine that they won´t be cheap once they are more regularly available as there will be such a huge demand.

But let´s see. Have you heard about them too? What do you think about them? They are so cute, aren´t they?