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Cute and Trendy

I am a big fan of cats and a friend did suggest me yesterday to read something. It looks like there is a new cute and trendy cat breed. The Lykoi cat, as the original breeders call them. The problem is that it is hard to find a Lykoi cat for sale at the moment as there is much more demand than available cats due to the fact that the original breeders want to create genetic diversity and a healthy breed first, understandably.

But if you are interested in cats, then you should read about this subject. You might want to ask Google for images of this cute new breed. They are really awesome cute, so take a look! This is an interesting subject. Hope they will be established soon. I guess I could not resist to get one if they were available in my country. I also think that they will be very trendy soon. Also it might be a good idea to mention that there is no magic involded as they are a new natural occuring breed which means it is a natural mutation but as I do understand, they work on it to establish the breed. This might take some time but it is already very interesting to read about this subject. I could imagine that they won´t be cheap once they are more regularly available as there will be such a huge demand.

But let´s see. Have you heard about them too? What do you think about them? They are so cute, aren´t they?

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