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Again a funny insight in my Blogs Search Engine Terms…

Here are some of the funny search engine terms peoples type in google and found my blog:

– good keywords in second life marketplace

Good Keywords? Maybe you should first think about it if every good keyword would fit to your Product!

– how can i move my xstreet market place items up in search

Ask a Linden Staff if he can do it for you!

– how to rent adboards in sl

Just rent them! Ok I dont want to be bitchy.. Here is the solution: Right click.. pay.. drag your LM, Notecard and Picture over the board.

– manual for phoenix viewer

I suggest to read a manual for your Computer and Second Life first!

– what i did just hang around

Great! I do that too sometimes!

– sit out space near small waterchannel

I cant follow..

– head in the dj booth

I can imagine thats what some DJ´s do if they didnt get any tip!

– how to parcel a second life mall

What the heck?

– do the boobs move in the phoenix viewer for secondlife

oh my…

– can you use emerald in secondlife

counter question.. were you able to use it for another game? Or do you mean today? No today you cant use it anymore..

– latest poll question


– dos attack on our server wordpress 2010

And now you demand that google can undo this?

– online games that use phoenix viewer

That is a classic one, we already did discuss here.

It seems that some peoples like conversation with google.. well and others have some very clouded questions for google ready.

This post is again a request.. If you are blog writer.. tell me how did peoples find you.. tell me some funny things.. I know we did do it already here but that is some time ago and maybe you have some new funny things found in your dashboard stats?

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