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I learned a lesson now. Communication first!

I got a bad rating on one of my shoes on SL Marketplace. It was a bit harsh and not complete truth. Some peoples here know that I wrote about it but I had to delete this blogpost as we (the customer and me) was able to talk.

The customer was confused about the permissions. The shoes show “no mod” in the inventory but this is due to the no mod script in the object content. The shoes are still modifiy if you edit them. I wanted to proof it with a screenshot and I did. I contacted the customer about that case. I didn´t expect much but was happy when a friendly person asnwered.. an hour later but she answered to me.

I was happy as she was friendly in IM. As there was also a bit trouble on the product comments we both did admit that we did react a bit to much pissed. She did admit that she was confused because there was sim problems in her region and also because the shoes are no mod in inventory. After I explained her about the permissions she said “smiles, I retracted my comments, np, sorry, I usually do get in touch with the vendor first, Lesson learned.  I am happy with the shoes overall, they work well, and are great with my outfits.”.

Yes thats wat I did expect as I am ok with positive and negative critism. The customer can contact me each time and I´ll answer and try to help out.  So now we did clarify our problems. Both said “sorry”. Me and she. I know I did overreact as well and had to say sorry too.

So not only she learned a lesson. I did as well.. “Contact an unhappy customer and ask for the problem and explain if you can..”. I think communication is the key. 🙂

I will take that lesson for the future now. Not every person is evil.. maybe there is confusion. Thats what I need to clarifiy first in the future before make a drama out of it.


2ndhub becomes better known each day!

In a previous Blogpost, I told you already about 2ndhub. It is a Social Media Website related to Second Life and for Second Life Users. “Social Media” is probably not an unkown Concept for you. If not, then it is explained easy: Meet Peoples, Make Friends, Get known!

I think apart from making Friends inworld, lots of us use already Services like Twitter and Facebook to connect with Peoples who use Second Life. The basic problem is that Twitter and Facebook is not only used by Second Life Residents. So when we only want to meet and read Informations about Second Life, we need to filtering. But we do not have to do it on 2ndhub! And that is handy!

It doesn’t matter whether you want to connect because of Business-Reasons or because you just want to connect with Peoples from Second Life so that you can make new Friends. For each reason they have a Section and you wont be disturbed by one of them. The Layout is clean divided in Private Profiles and Business Profiles. That must be the reason why this Website becomes so interesting for differend Second Life Users.

Today I did read the Announcement that they reached 440 new Members in just 4 Days. I became nosy about the precise number of members and had to ask Mason Kingsford (Owner). He was very friendly to me and told me it is not a Secret! 2ndhub has today over 3100 Profiles which is in my Opinion very much. As we see.. it is doing well and I guess it will increase more. Many of us are already there and I just can suggest those who still dont have a Profile there, to hurry up! 😛

You can find a 2ndhub Tour here.

Thanks for reading.. oh and by the way.. You can find my Profile there as well. Just contact me if you like. 😉


Check out my latest Promo Offers on SL Marketplace

I have some special Promo Offers running on SL Marketplace. You can check them out here if you like:

Darcy Designs Promo Offers / SL Marketplace

Much grass has grown. Howdy Neighbor Day!

Yesterday I was invited to the “Howdy Neighbor Day” of the Lionheart Estates.

This is a meetings of Lionheart Residents and of course there friends! Some time ago I did write
already a blogpost about this Event which they hold often at the Lionheart Community.
You can find the Blogpost here: Lionheart´s Howdy Neighbor Day. And you can read about the Howdy Neighbor Day on lionheartsl.com.

Much grass has grown!

Yes! When you compare both pictures above (left: new auditorium Picture/ right: old auditorium Town Hall Meeting Picture).. you notice the difference. Much grass has grown! That was the first I noticed when I arrived yesterday. Well I gave up my old Parcel on Lionheart some time ago and took a Second Life brake for a while. But I am back since four days now and this is probably the reason why the first thing I noticed was the grown grass and probably also the reason why I gave this blogpost this headline. 😉 Excuse me.

Howdy Neighbor Day!

If you are Resident on the Lionheart Estates, I am pretty much sure you know about this meetings. If not, it is explained easy. The thing is that the Headline of this Event explaines it already good. Anyway it is something special I must mention again and again when I attend as it is not something usual on other Estates I´ve seen.

The Howdy Neighbor Day is an good opportunity to meet and greet your Neighbor´s. Yesterday for example we hold an Introduction of Participants. It took some time but it is still essential. Second Life can be pretty anonymous sometimes. But with these Neighbor Day´s you can become acquainted with peoples around your Parcel. So when the Neighbor´s introduced them self which was for sure optional, we got Topics to talk about. Introduction of Participants usualy starts shy but ends cheered up.
So apart from get to know each other better.. we had also differend Topics and good mood.

Thats why I think it is again a Blogpost worth.
I did enjoy this Event but one or two hours later I had to go. The Eurovision Song Contest awarding of score tooks my attention then 😛
But as the Howdy Neighbor Day´s usualy are hold as long as the last one goes.. I am pretty much sure the Neighbor´s who remained had fun beyond.

If you want to be part of this Community and find a good Home.. then check out the Website: Lionheart Virtual Estate

Pretty cute girly summer sneakers.. pink on white!

These girls sneakers are pink on white. You can resize them via script if you need to.
But they should fit already for girls as I did wear and adjust them. If not.. resize them. It is easy via script.

For those who still need shoes for the summer.. grab them here:

SL Marketplace – Pink on White Girly Skate Sneakers

I am back to the Lion with a new home.

I did need own land to setup a home and also to work on a new idea. Want to create some shoes and well.. maybe other clothes. But first experimenting with shoes and so.

I really didnt want to build in sandbox. So I had to search land. In the past I was happy with LionheartSL. So I found there new land and I am back now. But it is really a little parcel as I work on small stuff. I didnt want a big parcel. Maybe I make some pictures next days. I did setup all my furniture and now I feel very comfy there 🙂 Cool that I still get a bonus because I already lived there. As I said.. I take pictures of my home some day.

I am back to SL for a while.. maybe with new inspiration. :)

Hello. I am back. Maybe you read some new stuff next time.. as I am back in SL with new inspiration.

But I still play World of Warcraft aside as well.

I am far better builder then you… WTF?

Sitting here in my Second Life Home, while I am reading on a german news website.. then I go back inworld and got a message from someone:

[10:55]  ĆǻƤţåĬŊ-ĈŗĄžƔ: i’m a FAR better builder than you ^.^   If you have a problem with that then please feel free to find me on the mini-map, i’m British, so i doubt you will come hehehe.  Muted.
[10:59]  Miyo Darcy: what is your problem?
[10:59]  Miyo Darcy: lol
[10:59]  Miyo Darcy: do i know you?

How cool. Who cares if he is a better builder or not? I really dont care who is better in building.. Strange peoples in Second Life sometimes. And really I just wonder why he did write me. I was afk and I dont know him. I was reading in the internet. After browsing his profile I did notice he works with 3d Max. Wow cool! Well I use it as well and also Cinema 4d and Photoshop. But still not a reason to feel like a hero or? Really.. Strange peoples sometimes in out world.

Btw. he has a cool kiddy “hacker” name. Lol. Thats why I dont care to post his name her. I thought it would be funny.