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I learned a lesson now. Communication first!

I got a bad rating on one of my shoes on SL Marketplace. It was a bit harsh and not complete truth. Some peoples here know that I wrote about it but I had to delete this blogpost as we (the customer and me) was able to talk.

The customer was confused about the permissions. The shoes show “no mod” in the inventory but this is due to the no mod script in the object content. The shoes are still modifiy if you edit them. I wanted to proof it with a screenshot and I did. I contacted the customer about that case. I didn´t expect much but was happy when a friendly person asnwered.. an hour later but she answered to me.

I was happy as she was friendly in IM. As there was also a bit trouble on the product comments we both did admit that we did react a bit to much pissed. She did admit that she was confused because there was sim problems in her region and also because the shoes are no mod in inventory. After I explained her about the permissions she said “smiles, I retracted my comments, np, sorry, I usually do get in touch with the vendor first, Lesson learned.  I am happy with the shoes overall, they work well, and are great with my outfits.”.

Yes thats wat I did expect as I am ok with positive and negative critism. The customer can contact me each time and I´ll answer and try to help out.  So now we did clarify our problems. Both said “sorry”. Me and she. I know I did overreact as well and had to say sorry too.

So not only she learned a lesson. I did as well.. “Contact an unhappy customer and ask for the problem and explain if you can..”. I think communication is the key. 🙂

I will take that lesson for the future now. Not every person is evil.. maybe there is confusion. Thats what I need to clarifiy first in the future before make a drama out of it.


2 responses

  1. Mistletoe

    I’m glad you learned from it. I think it’s important to learn what we can from hearing what we don’t like to hear.

    May 31, 2011 at 12:41 am

  2. That is true. But sometimes it happens that we humans overreact. Sometimes when we are anyway already in bad mood. But it shouldn´t.

    For the future i have more patiente and talk about a problem with a person.

    It might be that a customer is just confused about something. And we can clarify it with communication. If the customer talks the truth.. we can work on our product and improve it.

    May 31, 2011 at 9:48 am

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