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Mesh IP Tutorial Score in english

To get rights to upload Meshobject´s soon, we all have to master this tiny Mesh IP Turorial to understand intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and so.

I just thought this tiny Tutorial was funny. I did master it with 9 correct out of 10 questions which means I have a score of 90%. Well that does at least mean I am not a complete noob about intellectual propertys. However I was a bit afraid because some of you know I am german.. And I didnt know if I would understand this subject in english. But well.. I was able to understand everything which makes me glad. After all the years I feel very good in english, at least in reading and so. 🙂 But it might be that I still have to improve my writing. Must be funny to read my english 😀

I wish a cool weekend.

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