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Oh noes! My Gainward Phantom GTX 570 is arrived but to hot and loud?!

I should be happy that my Phantom GTX 570 is arrived but I am not.

I did read differend test articles and was aware that this card should be very quit with a good cooling.

In most test articles and benchmark´s I did read about following temperatures:

Idle = 38 Degrees

Gaming = 64 Degrees

full throttle (for example furmark) = 75 Degrees

But now here comes my temperatures:

Idle = 56 Degrees

Gaming = 75 Degrees

full throttle (for example furmark) = 97 Degrees

I did measure it now two days from time to time and come to these temperatures maybe +/- 1 or 2 celsius.

So now I am afraid that there is something wrong with my new card. I mean its running but it is loud like hell when I play games. Annoying loud.

Ok looks like my case has already 50 degrees even with suck in air on the front panel with 120mm cooler. And blow it out behind. So I am now unsettled whats wrong here. 😦

The noise makes me mad. The grafics are ok and the performance as well. But noise and temperature seems to be unusual compared to reports of friends, users in forums and test articles and benchmark´s.

Should I fill an RMA or are the 50 degrees in my case (which I also have with the gts 250) the error? I am not sure what to do now. 😦

Damn. An RMA would cost some days or weeks time and then I could probably not play Battlefield 3 open beta. I bought this card for Battlefield 3.

Any tech-geeks here who can give me advice if everything is ok with my card or if I should fill an RMA and get a new one?

Importend Announcement for Second Life Creators about Phishing! Inform your friends too!

Lately there is a new fraud going on. There are scammers who looking for victims in content creator groups. Everyone needs to be alerted and be careful!

Those peoples have stolen accounts and are looking for content creators as there target and will IM them things like “Hey someone has stolen your content” followed by a phishing link which looks like an official LL website. Once “Logged in” their user name and password have been successfully stolen and those scammers have a new stolen account!

So be very careful these days and tell your friends too so that those fraudster cant filch more accounts!

Source: Second Life Forum

Automatic Fire Alarm!

I had some pretty great ideas for stuff I would like to build in Second Life. In fact I did want to start today with some of these ideas. However.. Yesterday I went to bed in real life and every 5 minutes I did hear an automatic fire alarm from a neighbors home. You cant imagine how ugly this sounds. First I did go upstairs and watch if really something is burning. But I did not nose or see anything. I did ring on the neighbors door 2 am as I couldn´t sleep because of these ugly fire alarm tunes. But there was no one at home. I went back downstairs and met a neighbor who also was bugged from these sounds. We talked about what to do now. He was the opinion to call the police so that they can open the door and shut down this damn thing. But I was the opinion that this would probably cost our neighbor a lot of money and who knows maybe he is just at work at night shift. My neighbor said that is true.. he would defenetly pay because the police comes to shut that thing down. We did decide to go back home and try to sleep. From 2 am til 4 am I did listen to these sounds… I thought I get crazy. Im not a person who has anything agains loud music or what ever but these fire alam tunes were so penetrant that I thought I get mad. But anyhow I must be fall asleep at round about 4 am or so. But in my dreams I did still listen to this sound. I was awake again at 5 am and noticed that someone goes upstairs and open a door. I did hope it is the neighbor and he is shutting down his fire alarm. And yes it was him and he did. So that was a horror night with so less sleep that I still feel sick. I dont go on my second life ideas today.. I rather catch up on some sleep laters. What about you? Did you ever had such a horror night?

By the way.. I will later collect all the mobilephone numbers of any neigbor because if this happens again I call them. The neighbor can be happy that we didnt call the police because they would say it is his fauld and then the neighbor would pay. So he can be happy that we didnt call them. However I must now have every mobilephonenumber. Im lucky that I dont have anything to do like going working today.. otherwise I would defenetly not go to work because 1 hour sleep is not enough.. and yes.. I feel like dead.

Firestorm Viewer now with Mesh Support

There is a latest news on the Firestorm Blog that they release Firestorm with Mesh Support now..

Due topopular demand we’ve decided we can’t hold back the Firestorm with Mesh support release,however this hasn’t been an easy decision. Unfortunately LL Mesh code comeswith a lot of new bugs and undesirable behaviors which we honestly aren’tcomfortable releasing with. Many of these issues we would consider blockersfora release. The issues which we wouldn’t consider blockers simply do not reachour expectations for a quality release. However, you asked for it! And you’regetting it in its current state!

But I suggest you read on the official Firestorm Blog:

Firestorm Blog

Apart from Twitter.. Miyo Darcy is now also on Facebook

You can find me here too:



Have you ever told your friends about Second Life and do they understand?

Some days ago a friend asked me what I always mean with Second Life and he really dont understand what that is all about.

Well I thought I will explain him but I was not suprised that he did not understand anything. Most time I talked about content creation

but I think he did not understand anything I am talking about. I thought it would not be that great to go more into details about all

the other activitys we have in SL. He anyway would not understand.

So what about your friends? Do they know about your Second Life and do they understand what you are talking about? 🙂