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Oh noes! My Gainward Phantom GTX 570 is arrived but to hot and loud?!

I should be happy that my Phantom GTX 570 is arrived but I am not.

I did read differend test articles and was aware that this card should be very quit with a good cooling.

In most test articles and benchmark´s I did read about following temperatures:

Idle = 38 Degrees

Gaming = 64 Degrees

full throttle (for example furmark) = 75 Degrees

But now here comes my temperatures:

Idle = 56 Degrees

Gaming = 75 Degrees

full throttle (for example furmark) = 97 Degrees

I did measure it now two days from time to time and come to these temperatures maybe +/- 1 or 2 celsius.

So now I am afraid that there is something wrong with my new card. I mean its running but it is loud like hell when I play games. Annoying loud.

Ok looks like my case has already 50 degrees even with suck in air on the front panel with 120mm cooler. And blow it out behind. So I am now unsettled whats wrong here. 😦

The noise makes me mad. The grafics are ok and the performance as well. But noise and temperature seems to be unusual compared to reports of friends, users in forums and test articles and benchmark´s.

Should I fill an RMA or are the 50 degrees in my case (which I also have with the gts 250) the error? I am not sure what to do now. 😦

Damn. An RMA would cost some days or weeks time and then I could probably not play Battlefield 3 open beta. I bought this card for Battlefield 3.

Any tech-geeks here who can give me advice if everything is ok with my card or if I should fill an RMA and get a new one?

2 responses

  1. Here is what I saw from a review “We adore it. Under the shroud it’s very similar to many other tri-fan designs that have come through the OC3D offices. It is very quiet even when under heavy loading, far quieter than the already reasonably quiet reference design. But it’s not about compromise as the temperatures are exceptional. When overclocked and under loading we didn’t see the temperatures go above 64°C which is remarkable for a modern high-performance card. Doubly so when we consider the swathe of heat issues its predecessor suffered from.”

    I would think something is wrong with your card (or case has awful ventilation). http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/gainward_phantom_gtx570_review/8

    I would probably recommending ordering another one and returning that one. I would probably order it on credit card so you can return the other one and not be “without”. But it sounds like it is not normal.. especially if loud.

    Just my 2 cents.

    September 27, 2011 at 10:24 pm

  2. Sorry for the late reply.. was a bit busy these days. But I called my bro to check my computer and the new card. He said it is defenetly the case as he did drop this card in his case and he has stable 30 degrees in idle and 50 while playing games.

    He did suggest to buy a case with two ventis on front. He said Lian Li is a good choice and we will go shoping next days. So its similar to what you said. Thank you for your friendly help and nice comments. The web is mighty because peoples share know how and experience.

    Your comment is most appreciated 🙂
    WIsh you a great day.

    October 1, 2011 at 12:35 am

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