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I dont know, I really dont know. It came just out of my mind…

Just a mesh test for SL

Test render of my hall object

Last days I did mess around with my 3d application called Cinema 4d. I just wanted to create anything new for Second Life. I really didn´t have a masterplan. I just was inspired by a picture from google where I found an architecture with an round glas roof. Im not good in re-creating stuff from pictures but at least I can gather ideas and inspiration. So again.. I just messed around but the picture above was the result after some hours.

It is something like a 80 meter x 40 meter modern structure.. well let me call it “hall”. I am not sure if I will leave it on these textures and I probably will change or add some stuff. It is just the basic and I really dont know what kind of purpose it could have in Second Life… but lets see. I still could reduce the size if I want to.

Then I uploaded the complete collada mesh files to the beta grid. I must say it is pretty much huge. So huge that I couldn´t even link all the parts together as I got the message “Link Failed — Pieces too far apart”. That is probably the reason why the object isn´t linked after uploading. Mesh usualy is linked after the upload. But in this case not. Well I still can change the size depending on the purpose of the building. I also could use a rezzer for my customers if I want the building to be big. Maybe if it would be a huge townhall or whatever.

I would say the integrated objects make the whole structure complex.. at least the amount of objects. The polycount is for the complexity ok but it would still eat more then 80 prims inworld at least if I let it be so huge. I know I just could fake the crossbars on the glas by textures. And yes this would reduce polycount probably by half and there for primcount as well. But anyhow I like the crossbars to be real objects. Inworld it gave me a nice feeling and other peoples said this too. If so… I rather try to improve the primcount by making some changes to the physical shape. I will make some test with my own physical shapes for the object. I think there are ways to reduce the primcount without abandon the crossbars. Let me see.

Another change you cant see on the rendered image above is that I added lights over the object and turned on soft shadows so that the shadow of all the crossbars are on the ground. First it was just a test but I was inlove with all the shadows very soon. So I thought it would be cool to bake these shadows on the ground texture and then I uploaded it to Second Life Beta Grid. A friend of me was impressed and said that make the whole structure looking deep. I decided to defenetly bake those textures if I ever make a product out of it.

You can also play with your lights in the scene so that you get a shading of light on the glas roof. Well its nothing special but if you bake the roof texture then and apply it in Second Life. It looks hot.. really hot.. you just have to give the texture inworld high shinyness and indeed transparency. That looks awesome then.
For the main skeleton or crossbars I didnt even use textures inworld. I just made them completely black with high shinyness and that looks already fine then. But again.. there is much room for improvement.. and as I said I just messed around but that is the reason why I now lost my overall boreness. At the moment I have some mesh projects and ideas running and maybe I talk about it in another blogpost soon. Its all still playground and not ready yet.

I though I share this.

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