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Someone is using parts of my products and now I get customer support requests of third-party products

Today someone in SL wrote me that one of my products wouldn´t work and he asked friendly for help.

He talked about a Heart….

When someone asking me for help related to the Product with a Heart then I usualy think they mean my Heart Tipjar I made.

This is the only Product I sell and made with a Heart Sculpy. So yea I am creator of my Tipjar and each component, including the Heart.

But soon I noticed the guy who was asking for customer support didnt talk about a Tipjar but instead of that about a Xploder.

And I can tell you I never made an Xploder.

So what you see above is an Xploder I never made but I am the creator of the heart. Which means someone is unlinking my product probably out of the 0 L$ Tipjar Demo I have on the Marketplace.

But the biggest problem is someone who ripped this heart is linking it so that I am the creator of her new product the xploder.

So the person who was asking for customer support first didn´t believe me that I am not the creator of the xploder. But soon he did as I did show him my SL Marketplace Product List.

Then I searched for something I found in the permission window.. “”REMOVED DUE TO A FALSE SUSPICION… see comment section””. Google helped me and soon I found the marketplace Store of this person. This person has some product with my heart and “only transfer” on the Marketplace. The fun thing is I never made this heart “transfer permission”. Which looks like she is using permission exploits and copybot.

Not enough… As I now found her Marketplace Store I also found her blog but more importend her inworld store…

First I noticed she has not only some of my hearts on her Marketplace Store but she has also some of my hearts inworld with differend permission.

Above you can see a screenshot of my heart in her xploder product with just “copy” permission. Its funny.. I never made it copy.

The heart is in my product released as mod/copy. So she can defenetly change permissions of my objects which must be an exploit.

Looking around there I found more of my hearts also with transfer permission. So I dont know what she is doing there but she has objects of me as transfer only and copy only permission.

Again.. looks like she can change permissions on my objects and she can sell it. Otherwise there would come another person and asking for customer support for products I never made. I am the creator as she seems to be someone stupid and linking the objects so that my heart makes the whole object created by me.

Sure I am pissed and sure I did write a support ticket. But we all know what LL will do.. maybe nothing.

I also wrote the copybotter and asking some questions but I believe there will be no answers and guilt feelings. Therefor…

I dont give a shit about sharing names of silly and fraudulent avatars…

Here is the name of her and of her virtual company:

“REMOVED DUE TO A FALSE SUSPICION… see comment section”

You better google her and check out if she also used parts of your content. 😉

Finished the naming and shaming. Greetings

EDIT: The whole thing seems to be more complicated. Another person maybe copybotted my heart and sold it to differend creators which I suspected to be the griefers. Please read comment section to understand…

3 responses

  1. Jen007 Lemon

    I purchased the Heart FULL PERMS from a guy long time ago.
    Not sure if he copy bot it from you or if you gave him the heart with full perms, all i know is that i paid for it.
    But don’t worry i already purchased a UV map of an heart and removed your heart from all my products.

    February 3, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    • Hey Jen. This is an pretty old story. When I remember right, I wrote you at that time. Maybe yuor IM´s got capped at that time? I am not sure. I am pretty sure I wrote you but it must be capped then.

      I think if we had communication at that time, then the whole thing would be resolved between us and I guess I would not have created such angry blogpost about you.

      What I guess is now that you really bought the heart and someone else did extract (copybot) it out of my product. Because I know I never made it fullperm. The whole thing about the heart object is not the problem. It was rather that I have been sure someone copybotted my stuff and the fact that this case spreaded my name on several products of SL and I got all the support questions for products I never created. That made me angry twice because I had a hard time to explain people it´s not my product. It is made out of parts of one of my products.

      If someone would have asked me, I would have given the heart sculpt map since it is just the heart and not my whole tipjar product inclusive scripts.

      Theirfor I am pretty sorry that I suspected you as the copybotter. I am really sorry for that. I wish the communication would have happened earlier to avoid misunderstandings.

      I will edit the blogpost, remove your name and add an EDIT NOTE that people should read the comment section here to understand the full story.

      That all makes me sad now but also teaches me that I shouldn´t be so hasty with suspicions in the future. 😦 But sometimes if we are angry… hmm.. well that happens sadly.

      Happy that you came here to tell me what you know. 🙂

      February 4, 2013 at 1:30 am

  2. Jen007 Lemon

    No problem. I purchased allots of sculptures that had different creators from some inworld stores. I never got your IM’s but because of other similar complains i already purchased UV maps and replaced all sculptures long time ago.

    February 4, 2013 at 6:10 pm

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